Why Being A MoBro Is Important To My Husband

I have a lot of people on Facebook who’ve seen my posts for #Movember lately message me and ask  me why I decided to join this year’s fundraising event for Movember and why #TeamThomas (Thomas the Tank Engine)? The answer for me was quite simple.

Growing up there have been certain men in my life who have played an intricate part of making up who I am. One would be my stepfather, Paul or (Papa) as I call him. Papa is always a hard worker. A self-taught computer guru, carpenter, camp director, jack of all trades kinda guy. And of course, a loving father and husband, and he taught me that nothing in this life should be taken for granted. I learned that one the hard way after sustaining a motorcycle accident over 25 years ago that rendered me without a short term memory daily.

The next person was my grandpa Harry Shaw. I loved my grandpa. I know my wife will tell you that I don’t get choked up on emotions very often, the side effect of having your brain disconnected a lot. But when I think about what an incredible man my grandpa was, who also suffered from Cancer towards the end of his life. I get very emotional because he taught me PEACE, LOVE & HARMONY and to find contentment within yourself. To love your family and friends each and every day you live and breathe. 

And Finally, last but not least remaining men (or boys) rather who pushed me to be a part of Movember was my kids. A father of three boys, Jake, Trace & Colton taught me that being a father isn’t just about discipline, love and guidance for your children but also being conscious about your health, health related issues and taking care of those things along the way to set a proper example for generations to come. 


It was hard for me seeing my grandpa wither away from cancer. It’s hard for anyone who watches someone they love struggle with the disease. Now my wife has been diagnosed with cervical cancer which has hit me hard. So the fact I had to grow a stash in support to raise enough money to find a cure so that my wife will survive and my kids won’t go through what I did watching my grandpa seems all that more worth it to me.

Movember is more than just supporting cancer and mental health in men. This year they have added (GETTING ACTIVE) to their theme. Both my in-laws have diabetes and so my wife and I have been trying hard to keep ourselves physically active. Not easy to do with my wife’s health and my body pain from the accident I was in, still being active can be more than just working out. We take the boys swimming. We walk the dog. We play on the wii (bowling, tennis, hockey and golf) as every little bit counts. That’s the message I’m trying to share by participating in this fundraising. Every little bit of exercise and physical activity goes a long way.

I know that growing a mustache for a month isn’t going to change the face of cancer. But when I think of grandpa, my step-father, my own dad and my wife and kids. I think if I can make just a little bit of difference in the lives of someone else, the way difference was made for me after my own accident that changed my life the way cancer changes other people’s lives. I think having itchy, scratchy, unshaven  hair particles on my upper lip is worth every second they are there. 


I have raised $500 for this cause out of my goal. Please click the button above to join me and help #TeamThomas and this worthy cause for men everywhere. Just like exercise–every little donation counts. So come on what are you waiting for? You can make a difference for someone’s brother, son, uncle, father, husband or grandpa.