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Being a Mess Maker is Fun with Green Works!

Celebrating life’s messes is one of the many joys of parenting, especially when it revolves around the seasons. Lately it’s been chilly outside, which means snow is on the horizon. But before the snow falls, the leaves are bursting outside. A week and a bit ago we got into the full swing of things celebrating Halloween and the Fall season by enjoying some arts and crafts. 

One thing Trace loves to do is make a BIG MESS while doing crafts. Pipe cleaners, glitter, tons of glue, stickers and paint. You name it and he uses it and uses it all! So while daddy carved our pumpkins, Trace decided to make some seasonal photos for me to hang on the fridge.

Trace started with some pretty leaves, construction paper, some paint and ribbon. He colored and traced his designs. Then he pulled out the glitter. And oh boy did he get glitter everywhere. Watching him, I couldn’t help but smile. He was having such a good time. Daddy on the other hand was looking at all the glitter and telling Trace not to use too much. I told him to go hog wild on it. That’s when daddy frowned. He said glitter sticks to everything and you’re never going to get it out of the vinyl floors.  Ahhhh but I use Green Works by Clorox and so I wasn’t worried about it. 


Making a mess in our house is something my husband should be used to. We have two boys and I find there are target areas of the house that need constant cleaning. One of the biggest is the bathroom. Boys are gross when it comes to the bathroom. One of my favorite products to use from Green Works are the wipes. I hate scrubbing anything and so having these close at hand makes cleaning the tub, around the toilet and areas the boys may UMMMM miss while doing their business a cinch!

Back to arts and crafts though. Trace finished up his designs. He had a ball making me five pictures with fall leaves. Glitter got everywhere, all over the floor, the chairs the table. Glue and stickers, paint and more strewn all over. But I wasn’t scared.

Trace is so cute, he even apologized to me for making such a big mess. I told him not to worry mommy had Green Works All purpose cleaner. I let him help me clean up the mess which took no time at all. We wiped down the table once everything was put away. And I have to tell you I love that Green Works doesn’t hurt my table. My table is an old retro chrome table and I can use Green Works on it without it tainting or tarnishing anything. And when we were done everything was sparkling clean!

So have no fear if you have a mess maker in your house. Green Works has you covered. Naturally derived there are no harsh chemical so you know you are getting clean and staying green. They have products for every mess you can think of. Glass Cleaner, Wipes, Floor Cleaner, All Purpose, Laundry, Bathroom. You name it and Green Works does the job!

 Who is the biggest Mess Maker in Your House?



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