Beautiful Places To Visit In Ontario, Canada

We have decided that starting this year we are going to showcase some truly remarkable place across Canada for you to admire and maybe even visit.  

We live in British Columbia, of course, our favorite place to be and one of the most beautiful provinces in my mind.

However, that being said… there are a ton of truly incredible places to visit across our great country that we feel others would enjoy learning a bit more about.  This month our province of choice is Ontario.

Niagra Falls

One of the most beautiful places in Ontario to visit and a number one hot spot. Niagra offers something for everyone. Romantic getaways with gorgeous hotels to stay at, along with family-fun adventure with places like Fallsview Indoor Waterpark and Marineland. Niagra has you covered as a destination place to visit in Ontario.

Loch March

Loch March Golf & Country Club is exclusively public and a fantastic place that offers quality service and facilities that of a private club wrapped in a resort atmosphere.  There are no memberships, no initiation fees, no annual dues.  It’s a country club anytime you want for the golf enthusiast like my hubby.  It’s also been labeled as one of the greatest places to hold your wedding reception.

Wasaga Beach

A popular Ontario destination, Wasaga Beach is gorgeous!  14 Kilometers of white sandy beach, sun and surf, Wasaga Beach is home to some amazing shops, clear water and a grand view of the mountains.  There are boat cruises, scenic cave adventures, paintball and the famous Wasaga 500 Go-Karts which are tons of fun!

Canada’s Wonderland

No it’s not Disneyland but it might as well be!  Canada’s Wonderland is one of the country’s largest theme parks and fun for the whole family. With more than 200 attractions including a full-sized and incredible waterpark, Canada’s Wonderland has so many great things. Home to the world’s tallest roller-coaster and a new Dinosaurs alive attractive. You don’t want to miss this.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Located in downtown Toronto, The Hockey Hall of Fame is perfect for any sports enthusiast.  I know hubby wants to go and visit. You can learn about the growth of hockey in Canada, see some amazing photos of long past players who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame and even if you are lucky, get your picture taken with the world famous Stanley Cup!

No matter where you go when you visit Ontario, there is always something fantastic to see and experience. It’s a gorgeous province, rich with beautiful lakes, shops, restaurants and attractions the whole family can enjoy!

Name one of your favorite places to visit in Ontario… Chime in below to share with us.

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  1. anju January 29, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    I do agree with you Niagara Falls and Canadian Rockies are the best tourist attractions in Canada. I visited Niagara Falls last year, its Natural waterfalls, lots of attractions, Hotels in Niagara Falls Canada, parks, theater and many restaurants make this place perfect for the visitors.


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