Beat The Heat This Summer With Zoku Mini Frog Pop Molds

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Zoku the big time Quick Pop Maker for ice pops has a variety of molds and products to choose from to help beat the heat this summer for your kids. With a variety of online recipes to choose from on Facebook and Pinterest, these Popsicle makers are super cute for kids.

Character Pops

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These individual character pop molds are super adorable. We picked up the Frog and my son loves that he can make his own character pop with whatever he wants that is different from the other ice pops we make.

Trace made a green Gatorade pop which he loved. Built-in drip guard and little heart waiting to be discovered in the center of your pop.

Collect All 8


You can collect all 8 character pops so each person in the family can have their own. There’s also no need to run these under hot water. The silicone base makes it easy to just pop from the mold and then put back if you want to save your treat for later. 

Zoku Mini Pop Molds


Just like the character pops, Zoku has Mini Pop Molds that make 9 cute little mini pops great for children. When they are ready just pop them out and serve. These are great for birthday parties or just hot summer days.

Collect Them All

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Zoku has a variety of products you can enjoy all summer long. Check out 8 Zoku Inspired Slushy Recipes Ready to Rock Canada Day that we just enjoyed, and make sure you visit Zoku for all your favorite products or Bed Bath and Beyond. These pop makers are unique, fun and wash up great and you can enjoy them for years to come.

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