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Why I was banned from Netflix for a Month for Binge-ing

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Okay, so if you haven’t noticed lately, I have not been sharing any Netflix posts since February. I’m not boycotting Netflix. In fact quite the opposite. I love Netflix. And it was this love that got me grounded (banned) from watching the streaming service for an entire month, and all because I was binge-ing. 

Apparently, this was me. Okay, maybe not quite alien-looking, but my family (hubby and boys) created an intervention because according to them I was spending entirely too much time online watching shows. But they just don’t understand. There is only so many hours per day and with so many shows to watch. What was I supposed to do? 

It started with Breaking Bad. I don’t know why I never watched this show while it was on the television. Oh, yeah I had a life I was busy with. Well, whatever. Anyhow, it was a Saturday. Nobody was home. Corey was at cards. Trace was at a friend’s house, and Jake was on the island. So I had the entire house to myself. 

The house was clean. Dishes were done. Dinner crap put away. Nothing on normal tv to watch. I thought I would seek a movie since Netflix has some pretty great movies lately to check out like Pompeii or Bravetown. Movies I’ve never seen before. Then I came across Breaking Bad and realized I had started it but hadn’t finished. Well, you know once you start something… 

Binge watching on Netflix is like reading a great book. You can’t stop watching until it’s over. 

Once I got through all of Breaking Bad which took me four days. I ended up trolling one night and came across another show I hadn’t finished watching and then another. I really didn’t see the big deal. But I guess me not sleeping, showering, moving from the sofa or speaking to my family raised some red flags. So, I was benched from binge-ing. 

But I’m back now and (shhhhh they could be listening) I have some great news on the down low. Here are my 20 binge-worthy tv shows on Netflix you just have to check out. 



1. Breaking Bad (5 of 5 seasons) This is a given as it’s one of the best shows of all time. Trust me, I had to do therapy after for watching it in four days thanks to my family.



2. The Walking Dead (6 of 7 seasons) One of the highest-rated series on television, TWD is amazing. Greg Nicotero is a genius. The cast incredible. The plot flows up and down, but mostly up. If you haven’t started watching this, oh man you are in for a treat! Nobody is safe either. No matter how high on the actor’s tree you are. I will not tell you anything else except this show is more about human life and values and growth than it is about flesh eating zombies.



3. Orange is the New Black (4 of 4 seasons) is one of the best Original Netflix shows. A prison drama that is funny with realistic tones, characters and situations surrounding the decisions we make in life. A wonderfully excellent series. It’s a must watch. Warning: Highly addictive and in binge-banning territory so beware! 


4. Gilmore Girls (7 of 7 seasons + A Year in the Life)

You have to watch the first seven seasons of this amazingly funny, emotional and incredibly acted drama before you can enjoy the reboot A Year in the Life, equally as funny as the characters reprise their roles. Make sure you have snacks and can handle sarcasm, this show has tons of it as it dives into a mother/daughter relationship and the growing pains that come along with living life. 



5. House of Cards (4 of 4 seasons) Political drama which although are not my favorite, this one rises as one of the best and is a Netflix Original. Starring Kevin Spacey whom I love. This cat and mouse game has a few duller moments but picks up as the series moves forward. 



6. Stranger Things (1 of 1 seasons) Fans are anxiously awaiting the second season in this throwback series that features many easter eggs to Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter. A group of boys, find a girl with powers. Then mysteriously one of their friends disappears. A small town sheriff is on the hunt. While whacked out mom (Winona Ryder) feels her son is in the lights. With a horror/sci-fi feel to it. The show is highly addictive, fun, entertaining and a must-keep-watching show. 



7. Narcos (1 of 1 seasons) Gritty story of Columbia’s infamously violent and powerful drug cartels, Narcos has it all. Highly entertaining, and very real. It’s a Netflix Original series and one you cannot leave off your list. It’s a must watch. 



8. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (1 of 1 seasons) Neil Patrick Harris shines in this children’s book classic that is a super blast to watch. Great performances, plus some cameos from Don Johnson and Joan Cusack. If you loved the books you will love this Netflix series. 



9. Santa Clarita Diet (1 of 1 seasons) Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are absolutely hilarious in this zombified comedy. Barrymore plays a suburban mom/realtor who suddenly dies and comes back with a taste for brains. A bit gory. She’s not quite a zombie, and she and her husband try to carry on with their normal life while killing off their neighbors so mom can satisfy her cravings. 



10. Jessica Jones (1 of 1 seasons) A Marvel character “Jones” has a depth to the storytelling and a great female lead. Lots of action, too which makes it fun. It’s been set for the second season, and Jessica is planning on being part of a new series with Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in a crossover called “The Defenders” coming soon! 

More Great Shows For You Binge-a-holics


11. Shameless

12. How I  met Your Mother

13. Family Guy

14. Dexter

15. 13 Reasons Why

16. Luke Cage

17. The Client List

18. Riverdale

19. Fuller House

20. The Ranch

So you see with all these amazing shows how is it my fault I was binge-ing? I seriously don’t think I need therapy and I think it’s hogwash I was banned for a month from pure entertainment. But now that I’m back, I’ve toned it down a bit. I’m sleeping more. Eating yes. Paying attention to my family of course. And I guess I will just have to take things one show at a time. 

What about you? What have you been binge-ing lately?

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