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The Romantic Story Behind Baci Perugina Italian Chocolates

by Jodi Shaw

Every year I look forward to my anniversary. One because it happens during the Christmas holiday, December 22nd we got married. And two because we made it another  year together without killing each other, our kids or mentioning the word divorce – a triumph in its own right. 

Each year hubby surprises me with either a box of chocolates or a bouquet of my favorite flowers – lilies. Well, this year I didn’t get flowers. I did get chocolates though. However, they weren’t normal chocolates. Hubby surprised me with a box of Baci Perugina – chocolates covered in romance.


Baci Perguina – The Story

The Baci love story is probably one of my most favorites. It began in 1922 in Perugia, a medieval city in the heart of Italy and Luisa Spagnoli, an entrepreneurial spirited woman and one of the most influential female figures of the early twentieth century. 

Luisa founded a small chocolate shop in 1907 with her husband Annibale Spagnoli that evolved into a global brand. Mixing together the perfect harmony of ingredients and inventing what we know as today Baci Perugina. Roasted hazelnuts coated in melted chocolate to form a cream filling. 

Baci used to be called Cazzotto meaning ‘punch’ and it was Giovanni Buitoni the co-founder of Perugina an exceptional businessman who changed the name to reflect Luisa’s creation. He felt that instead of customers asking for a ‘punch’ it would be better if they asked for a Baci meaning ‘kisses’ in Italian. That name became a symbol of Giovanni’s secret love for Luisa. 

Years later the thought of wrapping a love note around each Baci with a special romantic message tucked inside the chocolate’s legendary starry foil wrapper was created by Federico Seneca, Perugina’s Art Director at the time. History tells that Luisa used this love note suggestion to hide secret messages in Baci chocolates given to her lover Giovanni Buitoni. A romance that was kept secret considering they were pillars of their community and Luisa was already married. That’s when Baci stopped being just a box of chocolates and became a legendary love-story.

The first thing I noticed right away was how beautiful the box of Baci chocolates are. The starry foil packages are romantic looking and the box is something to see. 

First bite was absolutely delicious!  The roasted hazelnut sits at the top of top with dark melted chocolate running around it and then a mixture inside that is not only rich but amazing in taste. 

I am a sucker for romance. It’s why I write romance books. But the idea of love notes hidden secretly inside each Baci chocolate is just too much happiness. My notes spoke about being apart. Hubby actually opened several chocolates and wrote his own little notes for me to read (not sharing with you) about how much he loved me – which totally made me cry. 

Baci Perugina’s story is one of Italian romance, passion, entrepreneurship, craftsmanship and excellence, and above all – an iconic piece of art that has become recognized across the globe as a symbol of love and affection. Among the many meanings the chocolate stands for, Baci Perugina above all embodies the joy of giving and the happiness that goes hand-in-hand with shared moments.

Receiving Baci chocolates on my anniversary was amazing and I wish to thank my husband for getting them for me and allowing me to experience not only the delicious and beautiful chocolate from one of my favorite places – Italy, but for the sweet notes inside that say ‘I love you’. 

Here’s to 12 more years together babe! 

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