Awesome Green Men Hottest Holiday Toy

by Jodi Shaw

My son like all little boys (although he’s 11 now) still loves to play with Army Men. When it comes to the holidays the tiny plastic Dollarstore men just don’t cut it. He’s also into anything interactive. Something that gets his imagination going, where he can create new worlds, new plans, strategies, and ideas. Battles of epic proportion are on his holiday wish list.

Army Men have come a very long way. Awesome Little Green Men are this year’s Hottest Holiday Toys. These little guys are full of personality and I absolutely love the time and effort that went into creating them. They remind me of Emoji’s but in Army gear with their expressive faces, rank, dog tags, strength, and weaknesses. Each one is a collectible and my son just loves them.

awesome green men toy

You can pick up Blind Boxes which give surprise characters inside. In each box, you will receive one character and one dog tag with information about that specific character on the back. You never know which one you will get. These are great stocking stuffers for kids to begin their collection.

awesome green men battle pack

My son started his collection with the Awesome Little Green Men Delux Battle Pack. It came with 3 (rare vehicles) 5 men (2 are blind) in the boxes, 8 dog tags, and one chain. I would’ve liked to have seen chains added to each dog tag he received so he didn’t have to put all the tags on one chain. But I guess it makes it easier to collect the tags this way. Not that it mattered, when it comes down to it, Little Green Men are all about epic battles.

When you visit the Awesome Little Green Men website, you can actually recruit characters or see more information on characters you’ve already collected. It’s a cool way for kids to interact with one another. Each listing provides rank, their enemy, what unit they are in and how to find them whether they are in a Mystery Pack or in a Battle Pack.

Another great thing about Awesome Little Green Men are the episodes. Above is Episode 1 and you can view the others on the ALGM website, which I can say actually had me giggling while watching it as the two leaders battle over whether Kale is better for you than Cheeseballs.  Seeing the green men come to life in their characters makes playing with them for kids more entertaining.

Awesome Little Green Men can be found at Walmart, Indigo, Toys R Us and various other Canadian retailers. I know my son will be getting more this holiday season to collect and share with all his friends.

Disclosure:  I received product for review.  However, all views and opinions are genuine and my own.


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Janet Meisner December 22, 2017 - 8:09 am

This would be a great toy for children this year.


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