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This summer has been a hot one which means nasty business if you live in British Columbia. Hundreds of wildfires are burning across our province destroying thousands of hectares of land, producing air quality warnings for residents and sparking a provincial state of emergency.

While the fire crews work around the clock to prevent the spread of flames, residents are taking aim at protecting the wildlife during the BC wildfires. 

While the fires tear through the forest and people are forced to flee their homes, so are the animals. We don’t stop to think about this or how it affects our planet.

It’s never easy when an animal loses its home because of a fire but what’s even harder to fathom is that poaching during the fires of our natural wildlife has become somewhat of a problem.

Animal left for dead after being hunted during a wildfire

It always pisses me off to see animals being harmed in any way, shape or form, whether it’s environmental or us doing the killing. It’s not right, and while many residents resolve to protect animals during the fires by feeding and hydrating those walking onto their property instead of shooting them.

There are many who just don’t give a lick what happens, often leaving the animal on the ground to be found. I mean, they aren’t even taking the animal to use it at least. It’s disgusting!

I don’t support hunting of this kind. This summer I showed my support sporting my new Arm The Animals tank top which I wore proudly.

Funny how a simple t-shirt can spark conversation. Everywhere I went people asked what my shirt said or what it meant. I loved telling them what it stands for. Our wildlife is important.

What is Arm The Animals?

Arm the Animals is a company aimed at raising awareness and funds to support animal welfare organizations. Their punk rock vibe and pop culture, shockingly humorous street art tees are snarky, combative in force and proven to be popular among mankind.

Arm the Animals, otherwise known as ATA has helped such pet lovers as California Bulldog Rescue, Wildlife SOS, and helped raise over $12,000 after Cecil the lion was butchered with their famous and incredibly beautiful “Earth Day Lion” design.

They even helped Red & Quail: two Pit Bulls protecting their family while on a walk that got rattlesnake bites to their faces and heads needing extensive medical treatment and helped their family reach their goal of $12,000 by donating every $5 bucks from every pit bull tee sold for two weeks to the help.

So you can see why supporting this company is important not only to me but thousands of others to help protect not only our wildlife but the fur babies in our lives we’ve come to know and love.

More Than Just Graphic Tees Supporting Animals

From graphic tees to collector’s items, ATM supports so many causes and animals, you are sure to find something of interest for you to help not only start a conversation with others but help support a cause that is close to your own heart.

One of my favorite products they have created is Pet Bandanas for our furry friends to wear proudly. I was sent one for Harley my ‘Yorkie’ that perfectly describes his tenacious, big personality, little dog doesn’t matter attitude which he loves wearing while we go out for walks.

Knowing that each product bought and sold is aimed at helping earth’s creatures is something I’m proud to support, especially when ATM is aimed at stopping poaching, helping organizations raise money to help aid those animals suffers after natural disasters, floods, fires, and needless deaths.

If you are an animal lover and dealing with animals from the wildfires, leave out water and some food to help their adjustment. Call on your neighbors to see if they need help moving livestock or domestic animals to shelters. Band together and help save these special creatures of our planet.

For more information on how you can participate visit or follow ATM on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to stay up to date on the different causes and movements you can support.

If you could protect one animal on the planet what would it be? For me, it would be Dolphins. I just love Dolphins and how tender they are and the way they communicate.

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( Photos by Just Jodi / Wildlife Rescue Canada )

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