How I Keep My Son’s Hockey Gear From Smelling Up The House

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Have you ever opened a bag of sports equipment and nearly passed out? Okay so at my house, we wear gas masks and full body armor when cleaning my son’s sports gear. I mean teenagers are smelly as it is, but put them in sports and the definition of “stinking to high heaven” is crossed over 10-fold. I love using Oxi-Clean for anything. So Arm & Hammer helps keep our smelly hockey gear clean through winter.

Skates, helmets, gloves, tournaments – it’s hockey season. Between driving your budding superstar to practices, organizing fundraisers and trying to maintain equipment, being a hockey parent is a busy but rewarding job. However getting the stink out of the gear is almost beyond impossible. 


Here are some ways to prepare for hockey season’s worst, to ensure it’s the best:

#1. Keep to a Routine: Hockey is a busy sport. Having a routine is important. Try to make time for homework and school and practice isn’t easy. I always get my son to prepare his hockey bag ahead of time, making sure he has everything is packed and ready to go. And if he’s getting a ride from someone, I make sure we swap numbers and have our times coordinated.

Pro-tip: create a check-list for your child to follow so they can learn to manage their own time and ensure they’re well prepared to hit the ice.

#2. Banish smelly gearI can’t banish the smelly kid, but he can shower. But I can banish the smelly gear. Hockey gear collects sweat all over it, creating some of the worst odors I’ve ever dealt with as a parent. First thing to do is to air out the equipment. Do not — I say again — do not leave the gear zipped up in the bag! Second is to wash everything really well in the washing machine. 

Pro tip: Use a detergent that’s up to the challenge such as OxiCleanTM HD Liquid Laundry Detergent and Arm & HammerTM Plus OxiCleanTMCold Water Power Paks – they are my go-to favorites!

#3. Keep a positive attitudeI’m a mess during the hockey season, but it’s important to keep positive for your kids. Whether they win or lose doesn’t matter. The game teaches your kids to play and work as a team. I always tell my son to do his best and that’s all anyone can ask of him. 

#4. Get to know your fellow hockey parents: Hockey parents are a club. We really are. Like a network, being involved is a great experience. Getting to know your other fellow hockey parents can be rewarding, especially if you work together carpooling or need to ask for a last-minute favor if you can’t make a practice. 

#5. Make some memories: Hockey advice and early morning coffee runs while you sit and share memories watching your kids play together is absolutely incredible. 

Pro Tip: Create a pre or post hockey tradition for you and your son or daughter to share!

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What’s the worst laundry mishap you’ve ever had? 

37 thoughts on “How I Keep My Son’s Hockey Gear From Smelling Up The House”

  1. My worst laundry was throwing a white blouse with a red wine stain in the laundry without pre treating-just set it in for good.

  2. My worst laundry mishap was the day I let my husband wash the clothes because I was multi-tasking in other areas around the house.He washed my white sweater with some dark green towels and yes it came out green…a yucky looking green color!It took me forever but I finally got it bleached back to happy because it was my favorite sweater.

  3. I’ve shrunk my husband’s new Christmas sweater. Two years in a row. This year, someone else is doing laundry on Boxing Day!

  4. I once accidentally washed a pair of jean with a pack of gum in the back pocket. It was terrible sticky. It took my weeks to get all the gum out of the washer.

  5. My biggest laundry mishap was putting a sweater in when i should of washed and dried it by hand, it shrunk so small i had to get rid of it

  6. My worst mishap was getting a red shirt in with my white ones… which weren’t white long anymore. I like pink too!

  7. My daughter is always leaving chapsticks in her pockets so I’ve washed those a few times now, which in the dryer they turn to pure melted grease & leave oil stains on everything in that load!

    1. Oh that sucks. I have had nail polish on a shirt. Not all stuff comes out. It’s sad when we ruin our favorite stuff.

  8. My worse laundry mishap had to be when I washed my son’s phone. Learned after that – check the pockets! I have started to get rich with all the coins I find. Hardest stain had to be red wine. I really should use a sippy cup!

    1. LOL Tara to the sippy cup. I’m a dribbler so I’m right with you on that. I have never washed a phone ouch! But I have washed money and had it get ruined twenty bucks down the drain.

  9. my worst one was spilling bleach on the floor on a pile of clothes while attempting to pour into washer. I have front loader

    1. Oh no Lori, bleach is evil! My dad bleaches stuff he’s 65 we giggle about it but it’s seriously evil stuff. I had to tye dye his jeans LOL

  10. My teen son shrunk three wool sweaters when he tried to do his own laundry. Luckily, they ended up fitting his little brother really well!


  11. I put a coat in the wash with some bleach hoping to change the colour and it came out spotty and looking terrible. It became a wear around home coat only.

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