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Arm & Hammer Dental Helps Canadians With Bad Oral Health Habits

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Going back to school means getting new clothes, books, making sure lunches are made. But what about Oral Healthcare? I mean let’s face it, do we even think about brushing our teeth more than once a day as parents? Be honest. So why should our kids think about it? 

Arm & Hammer did this study that shows just how nasty Canadians mouths truly are and why we get a Failing grade when it comes to Oral Healthcare.

Wow pretty awful right? I’m in the brush once a day category and I know I need to change that, especially if I want my kids to have healthier lives. Poor oral health leads to more than just cavities, it can cause gum disease, oral pain, loss of teeth and the list goes on. 

How to Create Better Oral Hygiene Habits


In our house we only use Arm & Hammer Dental products. It goes back to the day when my Nana said brushing with baking soda makes your teeth feel cleaner, and she was right. Now Arm & Hammer has an array of products to help families likes yours and mine keep our teeth clean, fresh and healthier by doing a few simple things.
  • Go to the dentist more often – Catching issues before they begin can result in saving yourself or your child unnecessary pain in the long run. 
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day – 57% of Canadians brush their teeth twice a day. Eeek, that’s a lot of tooth decay left over. Brushing gets rid of food and irritants that sit on our teeth causing bacteria so brushing more often is a definite way to keep your teeth feeling cleaner and fresher.
  • Stay away from the Sugar Monsters – That’s right sugar creates monsters. The more sugar we eat the more it erodes our teeth. Plus sugar isn’t good for you anyhow. I try to give my kids veggies, cheese, milk and salads for lunches. If kids do want sugary treats, you can pick up low-sugar or no sugar diabetic treats as an alternative.


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For back to school we want to make sure your kids have clean teeth. Please enter this Giveaway valued at $100 from Arm & Hammer. The prize will include a selection of items listed below:


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