Are Sleep Issues Putting Your Marriage At Risk?

So there you are lying in bed trying desperately to fall asleep but you can’t. Why? Because it sounds like a wild animal is attacking the air around you.

No, it’s not a bear. The neighbors can hear it, too. It’s so loud it puts a Harley motorcycle to shame. In fact, the animals outside have all taken to shelter unsure of what GOD AWFUL noise lurks in the darkness coming to get them.

By the time the sun rises, you roll over ready to kill anyone who speaks to you because you haven’t slept a wink all night. The woman lying next to you, the love of your life, your gorgeous bride forever is snoring and you don’t know whether to throttle her or put a pillow over her face to stop the madness once and for all!  

Are Sleep Issues Putting Your Marriage At Risk?

See how the woman felt in the video toward the end? That’s how my husband feels and has felt since the day we got married, but only when we sleep together which isn’t often.

Did you know that in many long-term relationships, the root of some problems stem from a lack of sleep and Sleep Apnea is one of the most difficult problems people face today?

In fact, around 75% of people diagnosed with Sleep Apnea have been pushed to find a solution by their partner, otherwise trouble ensues.

Not only is snoring a nuisance, but 76% of people who snore have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). People with Sleep Apnea can actually stop breathing hundreds of times throughout the night. Obstructive Sleep Apnea affects 24% of men and 9% of women. 

Are You At Risk?

I don’t need the quiz above. I know I have Sleep Apnea. I’ve been snoring for as long as I can remember. It affects everything I do and not just getting a lack of sleep. It affects:

  • How I deal with people daily
  • My patience level with my children
  • My sex drive
  • Driving a vehicle 
  • Going out with friends
  • Remembering things
  • Causes trouble with neighbors 
  • My overall health and well-being

Without sleep, we just can’t function. The brain shuts down and goes into overload. That’s why hubby and I made the decision years ago to sleep apart for the majority of our marriage. 

Do I want to sleep apart from my husband? No, I don’t. But getting a good nights rest is important. More important than anything. If both partners are tired all the time, arguing and fighting can happen.

Hubby and I have been sleeping apart for over 8 years now on and off, and it works for us. For the most part, we each get a better night’s sleep so we can function during the day.

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Getting diagnosed with sleep apnea is important. More than you realize. Like I said I’ve been diagnosed. Now I’m seeking treatment. It’s not enough to just sleep apart. Sleep apnea can affect all functions of your life, so the quicker you seek help the better. Clinics like Rana can help. 

Sleep Apnea has a very distinctive sound. Listen to it here

I know how bad it can get. It’s extremely embarrassing, but you aren’t alone. I can’t go camping, sleepover at anyone’s house or even in a hotel. My neighbors can hear me snoring from two houses away, and I’m still waiting for help. Sleeping problems are detrimental to one’s health and emotional state. It’s important you check for signs for both yourself and your partner because being at risk means more than just not getting a good night’s sleep. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Rana. All opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. Emily Porter October 2, 2015 at 7:59 am

    I believe many will agree with me when I say that this article is really informative and really helpful. It tells you a lot about what is Sleep Apnea and how to treat it. Thanks a lot for this one!

    1. Jodi Shaw October 2, 2015 at 10:40 am

      Thanks Emily, sleep apnea is so overlooked for how it affects not only relationships but people in general. We appreciate your feedback 🙂

  2. Abu June 23, 2015 at 4:13 am

    You hit the nail right on the head there!


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