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Not All Men Should Be Fathers But Some Are Just Amazing!

From the moment Jake laid eyes on him asking if we could keep him, I knew Corey was the right man for the job of being a friend and father to my son. His own father barely in the picture, Jake wanted a dad he could love, keep and adore. What he got was a whole more, and some heartache, but strength along the way.

Corey isn’t your typical father.  You see each night he goes to sleep, he forgets what happened the day before. Kinda like the movie (50 First Dates) and so being a parent you can imagine isn’t all that easy for a man who can’t remember the simplest things. Even worse for the boys who expect to have a dad they can share things with, someone who won’t forget not only stuff they tell him but how they feel.

Despite the ups and downs through the years, Corey has been an amazing father. The best he can be. He loves the boys with all his heart, and does the best job he can. The boys love him immensely, even though understanding his brain injury isn’t always easy for them. So I sat down and asked the boys (Jake who is 15 now and Trace who is 8) what they love about their dad their most. 

This is what they said…

  • I love that if I ever need to bury a body dad can help me because if gets caught he won’t remember where he put it — Jake
  • I love daddy plays video games with me and let’s me beat him– Trace
  • I love that dad tries hard to do things with us, even though physically he is suffering — Jake
  • I love daddy like’s crazy music (heavy metal) like I do and let’s us listen to it in the car — Trace
  • I love that I can tell dad stuff, he is starting to tell me he’s proud of me as a man and it feels good — Jake
  • I love daddy gets my bike for me to ride with my friends — Trace
  • I love how my dad loves my mom, he is so good to her and he’s taught me how to be a man in a relationship — Jake
  • I love daddy picks me up from school every day — Trace
  • I love that dad came to all my hockey games, supported me, sat through early morning practices and taught me how to be a better player — Jake
  • I love daddy knows exactly what I like on my hot dog (ketchup one side and mustard the other) and doesn’t forget that — Trace
  • I love my dad allowed me to take his name as my own — Jake
  • I love daddy helps me ties my shoes and get my stuff ready in the morning — Trace
  • I love that my dad is my dad despite the fact he’s not my biological father he’s been the best father a kid can have and loves me like his own, and that means something to me — Jake

Corey you are a good father. The boys love you. I know it can be hard, forgetting sometimes, feeling depressed and as though you are not making an impact in their life the way you want. But you are, and the boys see that, especially Jake. I know you guys have had some hard times, but he knows how much you love him. He loves you, too. He wouldn’t want anyone else to be his dad. 

So happy father’s day my beloved husband. I hope you have a fantastic day and know this… 

“It’s not what you remember but what you put out in any given moment that makes a difference in a child’s life. Listening, being there, loving, supporting, letting them know you are there and you care. Those are the things that matter. Even if you don’t always remember, the kids will never forget…”


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