AIR MILES New eVoucher + Giveaway

Do you remember when AIR MILES first came out? I do, and my first thought was I do not go anywhere; why would I need a reward program to help me save for travel destinations? Still, that little blue card stayed in my wallet and I collected miles knowing this reward program was going to surprise me.

Then AIR MILES introduced AIR MILES Cash allowing us to use our reward miles for everyday purchases in stores or online providing an even better way for us to redeem for things we need.

With so many great ways to use our miles, I did not think the program could get any better. I was wrong! Now AIR MILES has gone and made their Cash Program one of the best reward programs with the introduction of eVoucher.

What is an eVoucher?

An eVoucher is one of the best things to happen to AIR MILES as it allows you to purchase an electronic voucher, which you can redeem at participating reward partners. If you are not an AIR MILES Collector, you can sign up quickly at  and why wouldn’t you want to – the rewards alone are worth it. Then, you set your balance preference so that any rewards you earn while shopping will go where you want — to either your AIR MILES Cash balance (needed to redeem eVouchers) or your DREAM balance, or yes even both. I have mine set at 100% AIR MILES Cash.

 How does it Work?

You must have at least 95 reward miles in your AIR MILES Cash balance to redeem for an eVoucher. For every 95 reward milesyou have, it gives you a $10 value at participating Reward Partners. Each eVoucher explains how to redeem quick and easy, depending on the Partner. However, just in case you are not sure here is a quick video showing you just how easy it is to redeem your AIR MILES for an eVoucher.

Reward Partners

  • Starbucks
  • Cineplex
  • Kernels
  • Rona
  • Bon Appetit Restaurants
  • iTunes

And these are just a few. The thing I love the most about AIR MILES is its Reward Partners. Unlike other reward programs, AIR MILES Reward Partners are actually places I want to shop and where I can get items I need or want to use. That is how it should be. You can use your eVouchers for things like apps, movies, restaurants, food items and more, with more partners added all the time.

Eating out Done Easy with Cara Restaurants BonAppetit eVoucher

If you are like me, some nights we just do not want to cook. This is where I love having AIRMILES Cash.  On one of those recent nights, I logged onto my AIR MILES account and clicked on REDEEM – once there, a drop down menu appeared asking if I wanted to use Cash rewards or Dream rewards.

To use eVoucher, I clicked on Cash rewards and scrolled through select partners until I found Cara Restaurants, host to a great group of eateries such as Milestones, Kelsey’s, Swiss Chalet, Montana’s Cookhouse and Harvey’s. I picked Swiss Chalet as I can get more bang for my buck to feed a family of five plus my parents. After choosing my restaurant, a screen popped up asking how many eVouchers I wanted. As eVouchers come in intervals of $10, $30 or $50, I chose two $50 eVouchers and clicked redeem.

It really is that simple to use your Cash rewards. The eVouchers I purchased were sent to my email. I ran up to Staples since I do not have a printer and printed them out directly from my mailbox.

Off to Swiss Chalet we went. I had called ahead with my order. Once we arrived, I simply pulled out my vouchers and handed them to the cashier who was gracious enough to let me snap a pic of her ringing them in.

 AIR MILES eVouchers are super easy to use. I got dinner for everyone; we had a great time hanging out and enjoyed some good food. Moreover, I didn’t have to cook. I love using my miles for eVouchers as it allows me to use them when I want and where I want.


We are super stoked our partner at AIR MILES is giving away 950 AIR MILES CASH (valued at $100) to one Canadian reader. Please enter using the form below. Winner will be drawn at random. Good luck!

950 Airmiles

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by AIR MILES, all opinions are my own.