by Jodi Shaw

Why Work With Me?

I love working with brands that share the same the same inspiration we in helping make life easier, more affordable and fun for families today.

Just Jodi is a complete lifestyle blog sharing weekly content that offers a mix (a little bit of everything) everyone can relate to. From recipes to home decor, fashion to parenting tips, JJ has worked with over 500 brands worldwide and seeks partnerships offering lessons to learn, products worth having and tips we could all use.

A veteran writer with over 15 years experience and published author, my favorite way to work with brands is through sharing content that is evergreen (answering questions) we all have on a daily basis to help solve a problem. I would love to work with you and tailor a campaign suitable to help you with promoting things I know my readers will just love!

To get started, please contact me, or send me an email at!

People who like us…

“Jodi is quick and knowledgeable. She has a knack for helping you understand how things work. It was a pleasure working with her.”


“I worked with Jodi on my holiday gift guide. The job was fast and I was happy with the way it turned out.”


“Jodi was a great person to work with, very easy going and very reliable. She puts her heart and soul into her work and it really shows.”


“Jodi worked with me to help promote the SmarTrike 4-in-1 Touch Steering Chic Tricycle. She kept in touch frequently and kindly shared her post with me once it went live. Jodi is doing a great job getting other moms involved and interested in a product that will benefit them and their children!”


” Working with Jodi is a pleasure. She has a great visual sense, so the accompanying photography is always great! And she carefully crafts a story that is both on message for our brand and appropriate for her readers. “

L.C. Williams & Associates

“I have worked with Jodi several times for a client and there is always a good return on investment. She is very helpful and positive, and her blog posts are well written and really showcase my client’s products. When Jodi sends me information about an idea she has for a campaign, there is always a lot in it for us. We will definitely work with her again in the future. “

Paul Holman, AHA Creative Strategies

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