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The Scariest Movies on Netflix October 2015

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Scary Movies are just fun. Neflix has no shortage of horror, thriller, scary, blood-shed type films you can enjoy! 


Halloween 6 The Curse Of Michael Meyers – Michael the crazed killer returns in this sixth episode to go after his niece and her baby. 

11718481Dark Skies – A small town family have trouble convincing others that aliens are coming into their home to terrorize their children each night. 

the-strangersThe Strangers – One of the freakiest movies I’ve ever seen because it’s a dose of reality when 3 masked strangers terrorize a young couple in their own home for no other reason than to kill. 

it followsIt Follows – A young girl realizes after a sexual tryst that her lover gave her something unsuspecting that can only be passed onto someone else by having sex with that person. 

14081408 – Adaption from Stephen King master of Horror, a young skeptical writer and paranormal debunker determined to pull the truth out of what really happens in room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel. 

maxresdefault (1)Scream – All new original series from Netflix sequel to the horror franchise that started it all. Cyberbullying in Lakewood takes on a new level of horror.

The-Conjuring-after-credits-largeThe Conjuring – Based on true events one of the scariest movies I’ve watched. The Conjuring is a tale of a New England family who begin to have encounters with spirits in their old farmhouse.



Adapted by Stephen King, Carrie is the story of a young high school outcast who once pushed to the brink by bullies and her abusive mother, slowly unravels using her telekinetic powers to unleash her rage upon those who hurt her. 

“The Omen”

This original horror film based on strange events that surround the home of the U.S. ambassador (Gregory Peck) after he and his wife adopt a child who they soon believe is the Antichrist.

“The Cabin in the Woods”

Buffy’s Joss Whedon outdoes himself in this horror classic which is less scary and more of a thriller about a group of friends who rent out an old rundown cabin in the woods. 

“The Human Centipede”

One of the strangest and freakiest horror movies of all time. Human Centipede is so gross as a crazy doctor decides to sew three human beings together, mouth to posterior to create a digestive system. 


One of my favorite made-for-tv adaptions of one of the creepiest characters ever. Hannibal tells the story of Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) an FBI investigator whose expertise come in handy but not as much as he wishes when he goes up again Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist, a murder who is capable of horrific crimes of his own.

“Bates Motel”

Worth more than a mention. Bates Motel is an A&E prequel to the classic 1960’s classic horror film “Psycho” telling of a young Norman Bates played by (Freddie Highmore). You will fall in love with this show, the characters and the crimes as we watch Norman become the psycho he was truly meant to be. 


What is your all-time favorite scary movie?

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