by Jodi Shaw

Hello Guys!

Welcome to Just Jodi, a site about discovering the simplicity in life, finding your inspiration, and sharing the ups and downs life throws at all of us.

Here, we believe in sharing our hearts, thoughts and our love for everything that helps make family life easier. Sharing those deals and discounts when shopping for the one you love, to trying out new products at JJ, we believe in exploring your surroundings and inviting new people into your life.

Just Jodi is about discovering who you are and sharing what you think and feel. It’s about embracing our faults but also encouraging one another to become the very best versions of ourselves that we can.

Life is an adventure and should be celebrated! The best way to stay connected is by joining our newsletter. You can also follow us through our social media channels on Instagram or Facebook!

My goal is to create the best content for you guys with the hope you learn something new, discover the creative side you never thought you had and build a connection with others to make your life full.

I mean, that’s what we all want isn’t it?

Meet The Team!

Jodi Shaw [creator . editor]

Hello! I’m Jodi Shaw, the creator behind Just Jodi. I live in Canada in the heart of the Fraser Valley in the small community of Abbotsford.

I met and married my best friend 15 years ago. A TBI survivor our lives are challenging but we have managed to keep to our motto of “Each day is a New Day” raising our two boys, one with special needs. When I’m not blogging, you will find me indulging in DIY projects and reading and writing romance novels, my second passion in life.

Beyond writing, reviewing products and keeping up with my love of farmhouse decor, my wish is to inspire others and open a dialogue around the topic of mental illness. As a bipolar mother raising a bipolar child, it is important we embrace our differences and celebrate the qualities of others.

Whether it’s sharing a tip on how to organize your home, to learn how to decorate on a budget, to five-minute meals for when you don’t feel like cooking. I hope it can help us develop a lasting relationship and we can learn from one another along the way.

Corey Shaw [aka Forgetful Dad]

Corey is one of the most amazing men I’ve ever known. He grew up in small-town Vanderhoof. A real country boy at heart, set to study sports medicine when a near-fatal motorcycle accident changed his life forever. Corey sustained a severer traumatic brain injury which erased most of his memory.

Each day is a new day for our family and for Corey. He faces challenges parenting, living life but has always greeted these challenges with a smile and open heart.

When he’s not blogging or taking photographs for my posts, Corey enjoys curling, watching hockey, playing a weekly card game with friends with a Timmies in his hand.

Trace [Boy Genius]

Trace is not always shown on the blog but very much a part of it. As a mother of course, his feelings are important to me.

Trace is very open about his mental illness and disabilities and loves sharing his viewpoint on growing up with challenges, along with allowing me to share mine.

When not dealing with that, you can find Trace playing video games, enjoying football, hanging out with his friends and doing reviewers with his mom!

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