How To Choose A Dress That’s Flattering

Lately with prom coming for the teens in our area and my brother’s wedding coming, I’ve been obsessed with dresses as I have to find something to wear to the wedding. I didn’t realize how much goes into buying a dress, making sure it’s suitable for me and my body type. With so many beautiful options out there, it’s difficult to choose which dress is the right one.  As for my sister in law – I can only imagine what she is going through as the bride.

You spend months and months preparing for your wedding, making sure that everything is perfect. The decorations are perfectly identical (or at the very least stylishly coordinated) your flowers and button holes intricately designed – table upon table looks uniformly beautiful…. we control EVERYTHING, but there are three things a bride cannot control, firstly, whether the groom turns up; secondly, the glorious British weather; and thirdly, the shape of our bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids are carefully chosen based on their role in our life and not on what they look like and this of course is exactly how it should be. However, this can lead to real dilemmas when choosing their dresses. Your best friend is 4ft 9inches and let’s say cuddly with an ample bosom, your sister is 6ft, skinny and less than ample on top! Then there’s your niece who is a cute four-year-old who thankfully knows nothing of the ‘too much or not enough on top’ dilemma. How on earth do you get something to suit everyone?

Celebrate the Individuality of your bridesmaids

Well the simple answer is not to go for a ‘one size fits all’ approach. You’ve picked these people because they all mean something different to you, they all have their own individual value to you – so why not celebrate this by picking dresses that suit each personality and body shape rather than shoehorning them into matching dresses.

Kate Thompson, Confetti’s Feature Editor, says: “It’s great to start off with an idea of what you’re looking for and even better to discuss it with your bridesmaids as they’re the ones who will actually be wearing the frocks”.

So spend time with your bridesmaids finding out what they like. An evening in front of the computer and a couple of bottles of wine is a great way to get inspiration. Check out websites like for ideas. Sometimes you can find real one of a kind dresses. Also you can search by colour and/or size so you can save a lot of precious time.

Same colour, different styles

A plunging neck line for your friend and a sleek, sophisticated halter neck for your sister in the same colour is going to look awesome and they will both feel comfortable and, most importantly, happy. This will result in confident, sassy bridesmaids rather than a couple of shrinking violets. Simply match or coordinate the colours or theme well. Festival Brides has a brilliant article on this with lots of wonderful photographs.

Dress styles to suit your shape

  • Hour glass figure – shorter floaty dresses that don’t cling to body
  • Short legs – high-waisted dress
  • A plus size – a great neck line or pinched waist

Different colour, same style.

This could work well if your bridesmaids are happy with the same style but a colour that suits one makes another look washed out.

The great unmatched

There is a popular trend creeping over from the US called mix ’n match bridesmaids. These days going against the grain is very popular so if this is you, try searching out deliberately mis-matched dresses – vintage dresses work very well. You need to be brave, but the overall outcome can look gorgeous. Rock My Wedding gives some fabulous suggestions on how to work this look well. Finally, enjoy yourselves! This is a time to get all your nearest and dearest together and have fun. Remember you may be their bridesmaid one day, so treat them kindly.

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  1. Grover Hendry October 8, 2014 at 5:55 am

    Selecting among the various dresses is always very tough given a vast range of selection of dresses you will find in stores. You have to select a dress that suits your body type and also to your skin tone.


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