A Post Dedicated to Single Moms

As I look back fondly on Christmas, spending time with my wonderful husband and boys, now enjoying the New Year upon us. I feel very blessed. But as everything in life has another side to the coin. The holidays enhance loneliness for those who do not have a significant other or better half to spend time with during the seasons. But with a new year comes life changes for many people looking for love.

I have several friends who are single moms and whom have lost all hope at finding a good partner or father-figure for their children. They’ve simply given up for that dream of a wonderful family consisting of mother and step-father. Being a single mom of a newborn or toddler is even harder when it comes to finding someone. Some of my friends are moms raising toddlers or even newborns full time, leaving them no time for traditional dating. Nevertheless, they have managed to find quality men by visiting dating sites.

I was successful finding my soul mate with the help of a dating site before my son turned five. The Internet offers an array of sites geared for single dads and moms. But it is important to exercise precaution and prudence to secure against a bad ending to your date. It’s often easy to forget your safety when under the influence of your emotions!

Do not keep your date in secret


When dating you don’t usually share your plans with anyone. But when dating online, you should share what you are doing. Tell your friends, mother or family member whom you are meeting. Write down the dating site you are using, your password and the name of the man you are going out with, plus his screen name. Give us as much information as you can and all you know about him, such as his height, weight, age, phone number, place of work and the time of your date, along with where you are going. 

Think of transportation


Keep your car parked near the restaurant or café where you and your date will meet. This is so if the date ends badly, you can leave quickly. You won’t need to call a taxi or wait for any stretch of time. Taking your own car and meeting your date ensures you have absolute independence, plus it won’t reveal where you live by having him pick you up.

Choose a safe place for the first date

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It’s important you choose a safe place for your date, a public place preferably where there is lots of people. Try to meet during the day for coffee or lunch, instead of at night for dinner and movie. Save those for later dates if you choose to continue dating. If you choose a place, make it a cinema, a restaurant that’s busy, a park with lots of people or an event of some kind. Do not agree to have dinner at the man’s place or invite him to yours. It’s not a good idea when you first begin dating. Remember safety is important.

Dating sites will not guarantee you a family or partner for life. They are just one of many instruments helping you to build your own happiness. In the long run we are responsible for what happens in our lives, whom we let in and which direction we choose to take. 

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