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A Peek At CMU Toronto’s Makeup & Art College


With two of my teens set on deciding their future as they prepare to enter into grade eleven this year. My girl has her sights set on Art & Design. So we browsed several colleges and I found CMU one of North America’s Leading schools for Makeup Art & Design located in Toronto. I recently had a chance to talk to one of the directors of the school and discovered what sets CMU apart from the rest of the schools out there. 

 What can students expect from enrolling in CMU? 

CMU provides hands-on, one on one education covering all facets of makeup artistry. The courses are taught by award winning instructors, in an intimate environment with small class sizes. It’s a combination of theory, history, research, practical training and development to help students reach their creative potential. 

 What type of classes are offered?

Students will learn the 7 disciplines of Makeup Artistry that include: Hairstyling, Fashion Photographic Makeup, Theatre Makeup, Facial Hair Knotting, Film, TV and Creature Design.


Why would attending CMU benefit someone wanting to go into a field of beauty and makeup? ie: for weddings, personal, production for television and more. 

CMU is unique because of the programs we offer. With 3 diploma programs, we help students explore and develop their fashion, makeup and art skills. The most popular program being the Complete Makeup Artist Program (32 weeks) long. We also offer Comprehensive Makeup Artist (26 weeks) and Advanced Fashion Makeup Artist (13 weeks) There are also shorter programs relating to fashion that range from basic tips to photo shoots. 

What is the average length of a course and what does the student receive when finishing or completing the course? 

The average length of course is the most popular being 32 weeks of comprehensive training. Depending on the program, though CMU offers courses that range from 2 weeks and up. Students can expect to graduate with a certificate or college diploma. All programs are full time and run Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 4:30 p.m. 

CMU Is Top Notch!

I wanted to know what makes CMU different. The fact that they specialize in all 7 disciplines of makeup and artistry, classes are one on one, and their course schedule is what distinguishes CMU from other schools. Students get to practice daily to improve their art of makeup, while learning to hone their skills. They also offer their graduating students access to the JOB BOARD intended to introduce students to the industry, help build their experience and improve their portfolio.

Every show we watch on TV and in movies has a makeup artist or fashion designer working to make the project and what we enjoy the best it can be. CMU is creating the next generation of talent, and it’s pretty cool the stuff that students get to experience while living out their dream. Take a look below!




CMU offers Summer Camp for teenagers ages 15 to 18 who have a personal interest like my teen in fashion makeup and wanting to keep up with current designer trends. The camp is a 4 day course to teach teens how to correctly apply professional makeup, techniques from basic to advanced, which include: highlight, contour, smoky eye, liner, red lip, complexion, facial geometry, brow shaping and more. 

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