8 Beauty Tips You Haven’t Thought Of

Beauty products are a whole world to get lost in. From tutorials to review sites, there is a product out there to cure every beauty woe. Maybe you’re an eyeliner addict. The way it makes your eyes pop is the perfect solution to late nights at the office. Or maybe you’re all about skin. A perfect, glowing complexion is number one priority; in fact, with it, there’s really no need for additional makeup, you may think.

Wherever you land on the beauty spectrum, there’s always room for a few new tips to try across the entire scope of beauty products and trends. Mixing things up every now and then is very needed. It’s the best way to get out of a beauty slump, and maybe even uncover a hidden secret that transforms your look entirely.

Try working these tips into your daily routine. You may find a new obsession.

1. Easy Polish Remover. Hate having to scrub away at your cuticles to remove quality nail polish? Worry no more. Put a clear coat of nail polish over the existing coat and then wipe off with nail polish remover. The new coat will help the existing paint instantly come off. And your cuticles will thank you for preventing the wear and tear of acetone.

2. Tame the Blush. Blush is one of the best ways to brighten up your face, but it can also be easy to go overboard. You’re not a porcelain doll, so tame those cheeks. Start applying blush two fingers away from your nose and don’t cake on the powder. Keep it light and you’ll get a natural glow.

3. Savvy Shaving. To avoid red bumps and skin irritation after shaving, make it the last thing you do in the shower. The hot water and steam opens up your pores, allowing for a cleaner shave. After you wash and condition your hair, grab your razor because now is a much better time to shave. More time will have passed for the hair follicle to soften, making it much easier to shave.

4. Foundation Foes. Matching your foundation to your skin is very important. Nothing throws off your beauty look more than a tan face that appears to be floating on your fair neck. To make sure you select the best foundation color, try the shade along your jawline. Test it out in natural light to get a true indicator of how well it matches.

5. At-Home Pedicures. Regular trips to the nail salon can make quite a dent in your bank account. Save money for your summer vacation by taking care of your feet every day. Buy a pumice or file to keep at home and then scrub your feet every morning when you get out of the shower. By making this a regular habit, you will avoid building up calluses that would need to be removed by a professional.

6. Youthful Skin. A beautiful complexion is one of the more remarkable features to have. With healthy habits in place, you’re setting yourself up for glowing skin. But eating poorly or smoking regularly can really increase your  chance of aging quicker than someone who does not. Smokers usually look older than nonsmokers, and much of that is based on the appearance of their skin. To revive your skin to its youth again, replace smoking with e-cigs. Without all the harmful chemicals, e-cigs will still give you the same sensation but you won’t lead to sagging eyes, wrinkles and yellow teeth.

7. Coconut Conditioner. Attaining long and beautiful locks may be as easy as reaching for an item in your pantry. Coconut oil serves as wonderful leave-in conditioner for your hair. Take a small portion and comb it through your hair (dry or damp) with your fingers. Let it set and the wash out with shampoo. 

8. Exact Eyeliner. Do you struggle with getting that perfect line for your eyeliner? Try this trick. Line your eye but don’t worry about exactness. Once completed, dip a Q-tip in liquid makeup remover. Gently follow the top of your eyeliner with the Q-tip to even out the eyeliner. Trace your entire eye and voila: a perfect eyeliner job!

Experimenting with different beauty techniques is fun and we’re certain you’ll have fun trying out these eight new tips! What secret tips do you have?

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