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6 Tips To Get Ready for Back To School

Here are 6 Tips to get ready for Back to School. Yes, it’s that time again. The kids are gearing up to enter the world of learning. This year we decided to be a bit more planned for back to school since Trace is entering grade four and Jake is going into grade eleven, we know it’s going to be a fun and hectic year ahead. So here is our back to school checklist.

Tip #1. Morning Routines: Waking the kids up isn’t always easy, but not allowing them to stay in their pj’s and often making them jump in the shower for 10 minutes, helps when getting them motivated.  MORE ADVICE: Get the kids to help you make lunch the night before so you don’t have arguments early in the morning about what they want to eat.

breakfast-21707_640Tip #2. Meal Planning: Going back to school means planning lunches on a monthly calendar with different ideas. I don’t know about your kids, but mine is picky and often has a hard time making up his mind. I feel this way it’s much easier and he can come to rely on what to expect each week with a different meal choice. Tuna Tuesday, Veggie Monday. Ham & Cheese Friday etc…

Tip #3. Set Time Schedule: Kids spend all day at school and the first thing they want to do when they get home is go outside and play. At least my boys do. Yet when they have homework sometimes dad wants them to do it right away. To avoid this dilemma, I came up with a time table. After school snack, then 40 minutes of outside time, then come in and do 1/2 hour of homework, then eat supper, then 30 minutes of outdoor time, then finish off homework, bath and bed. This works great for kids that need structure.

organizebtsTip #4. Organizing Made Easy: Last year back to school was so hectic, we spent so much time not knowing where anything was. I love the idea of Mon to Friday school clothes picked out ahead of time, and since this year we spent our money at various online shopping canadian sites snagging great deals on BTS stuff. Organizing the kids clothing, papers, pens, books and whatever they need takes little effort but goes a long way!

Reward Jar: This year for back to school, we are trying something new by setting up a reward jar. This is to help motivate the boys to get things done. During the week, I do not ask them to do chores. We do family clean-ups on Saturday’s. But they need to read, write and finish their homework. So at the end of each week, if they behave and listen, they can pick one reward from their jar. The rewards are things they’ve put in the jar themselves. Like a 1/2 extra Xbox time, 30 minutes extra playing outside, ice cream, sleepover on the weekend with a friend. Motivation is important and can help make your school week run smoothly.

Plan Your Time: Many people work while their kids go back to school. I work from home and yet always feel as though the day rushes past me. So this year what goes for the kids – goes for mom too! That means setting up a goal-oriented chart of what needs to be done. ie: dishes, laundry, cleaning, coffee with friends, bills, so that things don’t end up piling up and I can spend more time with the boys helping them with their education.

What do you do to get your kids ready for back to school? Chime in and let us know.

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