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6 Signs of Sunburn To Watch Out For

by Jodi Shaw

When it comes to summertime there is only one thing on my mind as a mom that’s more important than any other, and that’s protecting the skin of the people I love. There are so many products out there that offer sunscreen and sun therapy to help keep your skin safe, but there is only one our family uses and that is from AVEENO.

AVEENO has a variety of products to help protect your skin and keep it safe. Made with Canadian Oats that include 5 elements the human body has such a Proteins, Antioxidants, Enzymes, Vitamins and Lipids. AVEENO products are amazing and they have everything we need from Baby Sunscreen to Anti-Itch Lotion. 

Each one of us in the house has a different skin type. My oldest son goes a deep brown while working in construction. He looks like he’s visited Mexico all summer long. I also tan quite well and don’t usually burn.

My youngest and my husband, however, are a different story. Both of the strawberry blondes with sensitive skin, they are prone to quick burn and redness as the sun pours down around us.

I’m always watching for the signs and symptoms of sunburn, worried for them especially under extreme heat as we have been in the high 30’s lately. Here are 6 Signs to watch out for this summertime to help keep the burns at bay

#1. Pink & Redness on the Skin

A burn from the sun shows. The skin can blister painfully and become pink or reddish tinged, usually leaving a tan or burn line around the clothing you wore. 

#2. Skin that is hot to touch.

You can tell when you have a sunburn because it hurts to touch the area where the skin is burnt, often making it hard to put on creams or medication.

#3. Pain and Tenderness, itching against the skin. 

A sunburn while healing can itchy badly, especially when the skin begins to peel and flake. This is when I use AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Lotion and AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Body Wash. The two combined act together. One to scrub off the dead skin and the other to soothe the skin making it feel refreshed without nasty smells or dryness. 

My foot and leg swollen after getting a sunburn last week

#4. Swelling hands and feet 

A symptom of a bad sunburn most people don’t think about is swollen hands and feet. My foot and leg swelled big time after I got a sunburn last week. Best thing to do is to ice the swollen area, drink plenty of fluids and keep your foot elevated until the swelling goes down. 

#5. Fluid-filled blisters which Can Break

Nasty business but sunburns can cause blisters when bad enough. These pustules can often break open causing immense amounts of pain. AVEENO Skin Relief Moisturizer is something I use on my hubby when his blisters break open. It’s light and contains Canadian Oats to help repair the skin. 

#6. A headache, Fever, Nausea and Fatigue

A bad sunburn can affect in more ways than one. You can get nauseated, feel fatigue and have a fever and even a headache. Most of this is due to a lack of hydration. So drinking plenty of water is vastly important. Keeping yourself cool and relaxed and help you heal faster. 

Get Healthy With AVEENO 

Before you head out to enjoy the summer sun, make sure you are well protected. AVEENO products can be purchased at your local retail store such as Walmart, London Drugs, Shopper’s Drug Mart and Superstore. Here are just a few more products from AVEENO you might want or need to keep on hand for your family. 

  • SUN
    • AVEENO® Baby Sunscreen SPF 50
    • AVEENO® ACTIVE NATURALS® Sensitive Skin SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen
    • AVEENO® PROTECT + HYDRATE™ Sunscreen Lotions
  • Body
    • AVEENO® Eczema Care Anti-Itch Relief Balm
    • AVEENO® BABY® Eczema Care Nighttime Balm
    • AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurts & Washes
    • AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Body Wash
    • AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Sheer Hydration Lotion

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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