6 reasons your kids should learn how to swim


With summer just around the corner, the weather is getting nicer and kids everywhere cannot wait to jump into a pool, splash, play and have fun!

Growing up one of the most important things my parents taught me was how to swim. I learned all through school, took swimming lessons at the local rec center and enjoyed every moment of being in the pool, with confidence and pride.  I had no fears because I knew how to swim, and so when I became a mom I knew one day it would my kids turn.

There are many reasons kids should learn how to swim. This week my son’s school is participating in a week-long swimming trial at a local pool where the kids can learn the fundamentals of swimming. Here are the top 6 reasons why kids should learn how to swim. It’s important they do learn, not just for themselves but to give their parents some peace of mind that they can protect themselves while in the water.

1.) Swimming is a great confidence builder

Some kids are like fish. Others are have a very natural fear of the water. I think it depends on the child. Either way though, learning to swim is a great boost for a child’s confidence. Swimming allows kids to face a challenge and conquer that challenge by learning its value. Like riding a bike, flying a kite, swimming allows kids to get better over time with practice and helps to boost a child’s confidence that they can meet a goal, and they can do it without parental support all on their own.

2.) Swimming teaches safety and skills to help save lives

Every child should learn how to swim and swim properly, meaning taking a certified course that teaches the fundamental and safety part of swimming responsibly.  A great number of deaths happen while drowning.  I find it sad when this happens, especially when a child is involved. Learning to swim teaches kids safety while swimming and skills to help save lives.

3.) Swimming encourages and increases mobility and coordination skills

My son increasing his mobility to help with his special needs

Coordination is an important part of our lives. Some kids are more coordinated than others. My son for example has minor physical limitations, but when swimming he has none. He learns how to take his limitations and turn them into something stronger, improving his coordination in his daily life and his mobility has improved immensely thanks to swimming.

4.) Swimming is a great form of exercise that is fun!

Not all kids like to excercise but it’s important. Exerecising gets the blood pumping and can increase coordination, health and wellness in not just a child but adults as well. Swimming is a low pack exercise that most kids find extremely fun, without realizing they are working out and staying in shape. It’s an activity they can truly enjoy!

5.) Swimming is a great way to promote family bonding

As parents we don’t always have time for our kids, despite our best efforts to make time.  However swimming as a family helps to promote family values, bonding and increased activity with one another. Swimming can help parents bond with their child in a way that can help produce a stronger relationship in the end.

6.) Swimming is great for social engagement where kids can make new friends

I cannot tell you how many times my son has met new friends hanging out at the pool.  Get a group of kids together and throw them in the water, and kids become free and relaxed. They showcase more of who they are, in a more vulnerable state and this leads to honest and true social connections that happen as everyone is in the pool to have fun.

There are many other reasons kids should learn to swim. Like anything, swimming opens doors for children to help them grow and mature, stay fit and healthy and have fun.  Learning to swim can also help your child save his/her own life as well as the life of someone else.  It’s all these little things that keep kids safe and above all else it’s just fun!


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