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5 Websites Every Photography Blogger Should Know About

Over the past two months I’ve been seriously considering taking photography at the UFV. I love taking pictures and being a blogger, photos and blogging go hand in hand. I have several friends taking photography right now, and it got me thinking about the information online that could be useful.

Zhang Jinghua’s name recently appeared on a list of the Top 10 Richest Photographers in the World. She has won a number of awards including a Singapore Elle Award for Photographer of the Year. In addition, she has had a number of solo exhibitions and has participated in group exhibitions for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Italia. Amazingly enough, Zhang is only 23 years old, and her story proves that young photographers can survive and thrive in today’s competitive world.

If you’re wondering where to start — find your school in the art school directory. Going to a photography school/art school is a great place to meet like-minded artists, to learn from experienced teachers and to start exhibiting your work. Before you head to school, you can start promoting and displaying your work by using these five photography websites.


With storage space for over 500,000 photos, a mobile app and a thriving community of photographers, Flickr has become a great place for sharing photos with the world. Flickr has just released a beautiful mobile app that allows you to follow photographers that you admire and to let others follow your work.

When you’re on the go and don’t have your best equipment, the Flickr app can let you take high-resolution photos on your mobile device and shoot HD video on the go. One of Flickr’s best attributes is that it makes licensure crystal clear. You can display your photos using a Creative Commons license, which allows others to use them on the Web and in other media. Just make sure that you require attribution when people use your photos so that your name is always associated with your work.


Viewbug is a platform that allows organizations along with some of the world’s best photographers to sponsor photography contests. For example, a recent Viewbug contest featured  photos of cities. By participating in a contest and getting involved in the Viewbug community, you can put your work in front of not only your peers but also in front of influential photographers from all over the world.

In addition to compiling awards on your profile page, you can also display peer recognitions from other Viewbug community members. Set up a free account to build your portfolio and to enter free contests. For a monthly fee of either $6.99 or $13.99, you can also gain access to more contests, unlimited uploads, accounts stats and a custom URL.


If you’re not maintaining an Instagram feed, you’re missing a great platform for showing off your work. Make your feed public so that other photographers can follow you and share your photos. You can also interact by participating in some of Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Projects, which could end with your picture being featured by a major company or on the Instagram blog. In addition, you can use Instagram APIs to display your photos on your personal website or blog, and sharing photos to Facebook is easy.


If you’ve started freelancing, then you need to set up a Behance portfolio and include the URL in query letters and on your resume. Also, you can set up a profile for yourself on LinkedIn and then add a link to your Behance account so that recruiters and companies see an instant display of your best work. Your work may appear in Behance’s Pinterest-like feed on its home page. You can also search available job listings, and people hiring talent can easily find you.


500px is a great place to start selling your work. It allows you to set up your own storefront in which you can sell royalty-free licensed downloads and also prints on a commission basis. Storefront options are available with a free account, and a $25 Premium account delivers unlimited uploads, advanced statistics and the ability to create unlimited sets. In addition, a $75 Awesome account provides a customized, personalized portfolio website with a 500px subdomain and insights from Google Analytics.

Like Zhang Jinghua, you can get a lot of exposure and make it big as a young photographer. Showcasing your work online before applying for photography school demonstrates not only your talent but also your willingness to take initiative and put your work in front of the world.

Instagram screenshot by Jacqueline Lee of an image by sewhipmama from public domain.


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