Negativity Can Affect Your Health

You may think that thinking negative or being negative doesn’t have an effect on your body. You couldn’t be more wrong. Negativity can affect your body dramatically, inducing health problems, sleeping issues, poor eating and more.

How do you know if negativity is affecting your life? Is removing the drama and hardships enough to keep you healthy? Here are five ways negativity can affect your life you should look out for.

1.) Lack of sleep can be caused by negativity.

Negative thinking and over-thinking can affect your sleep patterns. Not getting a good night’s sleep goes on to affect other areas of your health. The human body requires a good 8 hours sleep or so we are told. But honestly, that means solid hours of sleep, which most of us don’t get. Something always crops up in our minds.

Find ways to relax before bedtime to reduce the negative influences in your mind. Take a hot bath, drink some tea with honey or hot milk, read a good book or listening to music can do wonders for alleviating negative vibes before bedtime. 

2.) Being Negative Can Reduce Your Energy

Negative thoughts and emotions have shown to reduce our energy. This impacts how we live, work and breathe. Being negative or having repressed emotions can push our bodies into a downward spiral where we feel tired, dropping our immune system, keeping it from fighting off a real attack.

Changing your negative thoughts to positive ones can help keep your energy going and keep you happy all day long.

3.) Negativity Can Cause of Chronic Stress

Do you ever not feel good even when nothing is wrong? Negativity can cause chronic stress not just mentally but physically causing ailments to crop up even when there is nothing truly wrong other than your thought process. Chronic stress can cause the bodies hormones to become unbalanced and actually shorten our lifespan.

4.) Death The Nocebo Affect

Patients told they are terminal with only 5 years to live will often die within that time frame. Medical studies prove people who believe they have illnesses or are going to die will.

The brain is wired with consciousness and subconscious mind. So cleansing your mind, removing the negative beliefs given to you will increase your chance at life. That saying what you don’t know won’t hurt you is true – so what the brain believes is also the case. 

5.) Weight Gain or Lack of Weight Loss

You can actually gain weight without changing your eating habits simply because of stress and negativity thinking. How? The brain puts the body into safe mode when it’s feeling stressed or anxious.

Negative self-talk hinders your bodies ability to actually lose weight and causes it to chew on the fat stored inside your body. So by releasing the negative thoughts, the belief you are damaged or messed up can actually help your health and weight loss journey. 

No matter what in life allowing yourself the ability to remain positive, have positive thoughts even in the throws of negativity increases your health, can provide better sleep and put you in a place where your emotions are not controlling how your body reacts.

5 Tips to Better Healing 

  • Reduce your negative thought process. For everything there is a polar opposite. When you find yourself thinking negative about yourself or life, stop! 
  • Choose 5 things every day that make you happy. Either a visit with a friend, something you did, a task you completed. Something where you can pat yourself on the back and push those negative feelings away
  • Talk to your doctor and make sure you don’t require medication and if you do work with your doctor to make sure the medication you are taking is right for you. Medication can help but you have to help too. 
  • Drink plenty of water. I know right, like water is going to help. It’s true though that what we feed our bodies affects our mental thought process. Ever seen kids hopped up on sugar? So feed your body well. 
  • And finally don’t beat yourself up for things that out of your control. You are only responsible for yourself and nobody else. If you react poorly to a situation, forgive yourself, forgive others and move on. That’s all you can do. Life is about living, loving and enjoying what is in front of you not holding on to what’s in your rearview mirror!

Be Happy Be Healthy!

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