5 Ways To Decorate & Organize On A Budget

When I first learned that we were moving from a 3 bedroom townhouse to a small two bedroom apartment that was half the size of our living space for four people, I have to say panic sort of seized me. Where was I going to put everything? How was my furniture going to work? The bedrooms were tiny. Where were the dressers going to go? I knew I needed some storage solutions and a way to organize my small apartment rental on a small budget. So I immediately turned to Pinterest. 

#1. Double Up Furniture With Storage

The first thing we did was keep 2 out of the 6 dressers we had. We had no room for dressers but where were we going to put our clothes. Doubling up on furniture and using it as storage and something else is a great way to help organize your small apartment. I got an old Ikea lack shelving unit and decided to use it for the boys console table for their tv and video games, adding in cubed bins below so my youngest had a place to also put his clothes. 

#2. Make The Most of a Small Space.

The boys room is only 13 by 7 feet. Really tiny. So we opted for twin over double bunk beds since they will be sharing with two drawers that roll out for extra storage. We added a fold down sofa bed against the wall in case the boys have a sleep over. Now they can sit on the couch and play their video games, have a friend spent the night and still have walking room to get to their closet. Making the most of your small space is important.  

#3. Add in Pops of Color

My bathroom is ugly and has absolutely no storage. Adding in pops of color can turn the eye to something better so the focus isn’t on those ugly rental cupboards you have or icky tile falling apart. We picked up a cheap cloth shower curtain with red accents and some gray toned rugs for less than $40 at Walmart. 

#4. Create a Gallery Wall

My living room and dining area in the apartment is where the bulk of my space is. Instead of hanging art work or photos in my hallways and on different walls, I decided to create one big Gallery Wall making my dining room seem larger and more welcoming when visitors come over. You can arrange your art work anyway you want, showcasing the photos you love. It adds a sense of personality to your space.  

#5. Look for Alternative Methods for Storage 

I used to have a huge box for blankets in the living room for when the kids and us got cold. Moving I couldn’t take it with me. We also had a separate fireplace and TV console. This time being we were in a much smaller space, we sold our fireplace and combined a new fireplace with storage drawers and put our television on top. I also managed to pick up a small wooden ladder to hang blankets on for those chilly nights. 

More Storage and Organization Options

Here are just a few more items we are going to add as time goes on to help save space and decorate our tiny apartment. Magnetic strips to hold our sons Hot Wheels cars on the wall. A clothing rack from Ikea for our clothes in our room. A coat rack to house our sweaters for when we go out on the balcony. Photos of the kids and us with a towel hook for each person’s towel. Storage table behind the sofa for a lamp and to keep our sofa away from the heat register. Plus more. 

No matter how small your space you can always find a decorative solution to help you organize. What are some of your tips to help you stay organized in a small space? Chime in below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear them. 


  1. Jane from Modern Housewives February 22, 2017 at 2:52 am

    Thanks for the tips! We also have a small apartment, and we’ve had major issues with organising our things in it. There’s never enough space and everything just keeps piling up. This is why I use things like jars and shoe boxes to keep some of the smaller items in check.


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