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5 Tips to Manage Wedding Mayhem

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With May being the start of the wedding season, and summer around the corner. I love seeing all the bridal gowns, wedding tips, decor and more hit the Internet. Whether you are attending a wedding as a guest or included in the wedding party, or actually getting married yourself (how exciting!) there are tips to handling the mayhem that goes into the planning and preparation for dealing with wedding schedules. 


You can skip those expensive waxing and pampering appointments. To feel smooth in that leggy dress of yours at the next wedding you attend, opt for home waxing strips over salons.

I always use The NairTM WAX READY-STRIPS because they are ready-to-use, just peel and place, no rubbing or warming required. They remove hair from the roots and last honestly for a long time. Plus they have strips for facial hair which (ahem * cough) some of us might need. 

look your best weddings

If you wish to look your very best and feel your very best then make sure the clothing you choose fits not only your needs but helps you look the part. Choose clothes that are comfortable. Pick a dress that won’t make you fidget all night or something you can dance in. There’s nothing worse than itching because of nylons, freaking out because of sore feet or pulling up that dress that keeps falling down to wreck your evening. 

smile wedding photos

A smile can light up the room. Nothing makes us smile more than two people in love. So while you’re smiling at the next wedding ceremony or reception, make sure it’s a bright one. Coffee, Tea, Smoking, Pop and many foods we eat affect our smile, but you don’t need expensive salon procedures to get those pearly whites. 

Arm & HammerTM Truly RadiantTM Clean & Fresh toothpaste is clinically proven to whiten your teeth in five days, deep cleans and provides long-lasting freshness with a cool surge of spearmint. I’ve always love their toothpaste and I feel it cleans my teeth the very best, leaving no filmy residue many other toothpastes can leave behind. It fits perfectly into your daily routine!

wedding food

Eating at a wedding might be more important than you think. Don’t eat anything that you know may upset your tummy, foods that can cause gastric responses, foods that are high in salt or too many sweets. All these things combines can affect how good of a time you have. That’s not to say don’t indulge and enjoy. Just play it smart. You know your body. So listen to it. 

wedding recovery

Weddings are a lot of work, and even if you aren’t part of the planning, they are still tiring! If you are feeling the negative effects of standing, dancing, sharing conversations make sure to get enough sleep before hand. If you don’t have that luxury, drink plenty of fluids like water and bring along a pair of comfortable shoes to be ready for anything that might happen! 

What is your secret for making it through the wedding seasons?

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