5 Tips for Helping Your Child Fall Asleep

Getting our babies to sleep when they were little required a little rocking, some warm milk, and before we knew it if we were lucky, it was lights out.  But as our children grow older, for some falling asleep isn’t quite so easy.  Children need their rest, especially while their brains and bodies are growing.  Sleep is also important because kids who don’t sleep well mean parents don’t sleep well, which is never good.

Here are 5 tips for helping your child fall asleep

1. Avoid food or drink before bedtime — Heavy food and drinks can keep a child’s body active. This means food that takes longer to digest, keeping kids awake, and more frequent trips to the bathroom which means sleep disruption (waking a child) to go, making it that much harder to get them back to rest.

2. Set time limits and give warnings — “Five minutes until bed… or as soon as this show is over, it’s bedtime.”  Kids need structure and having warnings gives them the structure they need in knowing when bedtime is coming, instead of feeling out of sorts because in all reality kids have no real concept of time.

3. Avoid singing, music or movies — If you put your child to bed by singing to them, playing music or allowing them to watch a tv show, be prepared to always use that form of means to get them to fall asleep, because it will be harder for them to sleep without those things. Trust me I know! Our son goes to bed with movies and doesn’t always fall asleep when he should.

4. Establish a bedtime routine — As I said routines and structure are important to kids. Establishing a bedtime routine every night, such as a hot chocolate before bed, a warm bath, a snuggle and book can go a long way to helping a child settle down and get ready both mentally and physically.

5. Finally provide a security — Some kids are scared of the dark. Some kids don’t like being alone. Our son hates being alone so we use stuffed animals for him to sleep with, a special toy or teddy bear like, a soft blanket or even a night light can help a child feel safe and comfortable while trying to fall asleep.

Our Product Choice to Help Your Child Rest: Amazing Champ Spiderman from Build-A-Bear

Amazing Champ Build-A-Bear Spiderman Bear was the perfect solution to our son’s bedtime blues. This cute little guy comes wearing pajama bottoms and top with spidy on it, and even spiderman slippers.  He also comes with accessories to help your child have a restful night.

This little guy is made from soft materials, great to touch for little fingers. He’s the perfect little bear to snuggle with your little one and only retails for $37.99. Not bad if you want to put a price on a good nights sleep. This bear comes with soft spidy pj’s and the cutest spidy slippers I’ve ever seen. My son loves him!  You can visit Build-A-Bear for more bedtime buddy options for your child!

$1 from your purchase is donated to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation which makes grants to pawsome causes that support children’s health such as juvenile diabetes, autism, children’s cancer research or other important wellness causes for children.  So not only can your child have a great snuggle partner for bed, but it’s for a good cause!

No matter how you get your child to go to sleep, remember that change takes time.  Some nights might be easy, some not so easy. But setting up the right schedule, providing comfort, a routine and way to settle down can go a long way to creating falling asleep habits that will last the lifetime.

How do you help your child fall asleep?

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  1. Jamie Knupp July 8, 2013 at 5:10 am

    My two year old is so hard to get to sleep sometimes, and then other nights he'll lay right down and is out within minutes. AAh the toddler life…


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