5 Tips For Buying A Used Car

Are you in the market for a new car?  Everywhere we turn, car companies are advertising, zero money down, low fiancing options, don’t pay for six months, and more great deals that keep consumers coming in to see them.

But what if you can’t get financing?  What if you have bad credit or no credit? What if you can’t afford brand new?  Then picking up a used car or truck is the way to go.  However, where do you begin? What questions should you ask? Here are 5 tips to help you buy a used a car!

1. Shop Around

This is important when buying a used vehicle because every dealer has something different and deals with things differently. Start by visiting your local automall, if you have one.  Many car dealers selling brand new vehicles also host a used inventory, eager to get rid of something you can snatch up and make yours.  Avoid headaches and hating car shopping by looking around for what is right for you.

2. Financing / Leasing Options

When buying a used vehicle, unless you have the money outright there will be financial options available to you depending on your credit and what you are looking for. Make sure you ask the dealer about their leasing options, finance options, what they mean and the difference between them. Every dealer has their own way of doing things and this will keep you in the know so you can make informed decisions.

3.) Research

Okay you’ve chosen a few used vehicles you like. Now what?  Researching the vehicles is key. I cannot stress this enough! You may like a vehicle, but jump online and read consumer reports from people who have actually driven, owned, still own or used these vehicles. Read up on gas mileage, troubleshoot any vehicle problems, recalls and safety and crash testing measure the vehicle may offer.  Also compare pricing so you know the dealer you are with isn’t charging too much for something another dealer may have for you just down the street.

4.) Test – Drive!

Yep, you got it. Jump into the vehicle and actually take it for a good test drive.  I mean why buy something if you don’t like it. It’s not just about how the car handles on the road, blind spots, safety and whether there’s music you can listen to.  Each vehicle is unique and offers things you may want or need to fit your family. Things like power windows, anti-lock brakes, sunroof, child-safety locks, seats that move and so on and so forth.

5.) Be blunt in asking for what you need and want.

This is the most important tip. Remember car dealers are there to sell cars. They will do anything to get you to buy from them. Check out the dealers ratings, be blunt and up front on what you need, want and expect from them. There’s nothing worse than having to chase a dealer down to get answers, waiting for information that makes no sense. So ask for what you need and don’t be shy.

No matter what you do when buying a used vehicle, remember it’s up to you! You are the consumer. Ask the right questions, tell the dealer what you need, look for something suitable to that and research and test drive the vehicle buying it. You are the one that will be stuck with the vehicle, paying for it. So make sure the vehicle you get is everything you need.

Safe Driving!

[stextbox id=”custom”]Disclosure: This is a not a compensated post, nor did I receive products. This is a personal post written by me, all opinons being 100% my own. Thanks for reading.[/stextbox]


  1. Henery Walker December 19, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    Buying a car is really time to get confusion because there are so many brands and models in market . So the above tips are good for making a fine deal . that will sure gives profit to you .

  2. Caleb August 23, 2013 at 4:25 am

    These are great tips for buying a used car. A used car can be a good investment. Make sure to find what you are looking for and find out as much about the history of the vehicle as you can. Try to find out any accidents or maintenance the car has had. Buying a used car from a reliable used car dealership is very smart.

    1. vw Maryland April 10, 2014 at 4:29 am

      These are generally great techniques for choosing a used car. The used car generally is a good expense. You should definitely discover exactly what you are searching for and pay attention to all the concerning the heritage of the automobile that you can. Look for out there any kind of incidents or perhaps servicing the auto has already established. Purchasing a used car from a trustworthy used car dealership is quite intelligent.

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