5 Things You Would Not Think You Could Buy From Dollar General To Help With The Cold & Flu

I absolutely hate cold and flu season. Don’t you? Even though spring is right around the corner, people everywhere are getting sick. I know because right now I’m suffering as I came down with a bout of bronchitis. I hate being sick because you always need so much stuff to get better, like tea, cough candies, or how about a thermometer. Staying healthy is important and with the assistance of Dollar General, you can keep you and your family well without busting open that piggy bank to purchase all the get-well products you will need.

People don’t often think of visiting Dollar General to buy medicine or cold and flu remedies. For sure you can pick up small things like hand sanitizer, tissues for runny noses, and cough drops. But did you know you can also buy other items things such as medication for your headaches, cold and flu tablets, socks and slippers to keep your feet warm and even a thermally insulated blanket? And all for a fraction of what it would it cost you to buy it at your local drug store. Dollar General has it all.

Epsom Salts

One thing I always use but never thought I could buy at Dollar General was Epsom Salts, which has known healing factors, especially for when you are ill. Pour a 1/2 cup of salts into your bath and soak away the aches and pains. An all-natural remedy that normally costs $5 to $8 bucks at the drug store, costs only $2 bucks at Dollar General.

Mentholatum Roll-On

Now when I’m sick, one thing I always have on hand and use regularly is vapor rub. You know the kind you buy in the small round jar and have to use your fingers to put on which end up smelling for hours. Now they have Mentholatum, perfect for families with kids. It’s a roll-on vaporizing rub that just glides on like deodorant. No mess and no fuss!


Everyone gets sore, dry and cracked lips, especially when you have a cold or the flu. I was surprised to find Dollar General carries my go-to favorite everyday use daily lip care Blistex in their aisles. Blistex is great for sore lips to help hydrate your lips and keep them from bleeding and cracking, which always happens to me whenever I’m sick. Blistex is hypo-allergenic and non-irritating with no fragrance, color or flavor.

Daytime / Nighttime Relief

The absolute worst thing when you have a cold or the flu is not being able to sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is important in order for our bodies to heal. Dollar General carries a variety of cold and flu medications for half the cost than the regular drug store. You can pick up whatever you want or need from capsules that provide quick relief to cough syrups to help ease and soothe that aching throat of yours.

Heating Pad

Now you wouldn’t think you could walk into a Dollar General and pick up and an electric heating pad for less than $15 bucks, but guess what? You can. In fact, this Conair Dry/Wet Heating Pad only costs $13 dollars. The same heating pad at Walmart ran $21 dollars. An electric heating pad is great for when your muscles are achy and sore from coughing and being sick. Talk about putting pennies in your pocket for something you really need.

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So there you have it. 5 Things you didn’t think you could get from Dollar General to help you with your cold and flu. Go shopping and pick up everything you need. Save yourself the time and money. You never know what you might find.

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