5 Things You Must Do While in Florida

Sand, Surf & Sun plus amazing adventures to get lost in. Florida is on our bucket list.

I’ve always wanted to visit Florida. It’s on my bucket list. It’s a thriving state. It’s where CSI Miami was filmed. It has the most amazing night clubs you can dance in. Not to mention attracts millions of people each year. But there are some key places I wish to visit, and things you must do while in Florida. 

#1. Visit Discovery Cove

First on my list is to visit Discovery Cove. Not only is it educational, but the Sea World theme park is perfect for a family adventure. You can get up close and personal, swim with the dolphins, take in the whale show, discover a huge variety of underwater sea animals and creatures. It’s one place I know my kids would absolutely love. Visit Discover Cover online to learn more about it.   

#2. Take a Trip to Miami Beach

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and home to the rich and famous. Miami Beach is located on the south coast of Florida. It’s a picture perfect location to relax, play in the golden sands, take a nap in the sun and hang out. When you’re hungry the choices are endless with a variety of restaurants and bars you can enjoy. And nightlife is just a hop skip and jump away on Ocean Drive. 

#3. Get tickets for the St. Augustine Amphitheater

There’s nothing like watching live music and entertainment, especially in an amphitheater. St Augustine Amphitheater is located in downtown St Augustine and it’s Florida’s premiere venue. Top acts like the Beach Boys perform for crowds up to 4,000 people outdoors. It’s a unique experience and one I wouldn’t want my kids or myself to miss out on. 

#4. Check out the National Naval Aviation Museum

One of the coolest places on earth for a kid to visit. This museum is good for anyone fascinated with planes and very educational but fun, too. Over 4000 artifacts and 150 aircraft’s can be seen at the National Naval Aviation Museum. Take a ride in a flight simulator and experience first hand what it’s like to fly an aircraft. Spend the day scoping out the attractions and grab a bite in the dining area. Check out their official website to find out everything that’s on offer.

#5. Get into Character at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Both my kids and hubby and I are huge huge Harry Potter Fans. So the last thing to do while in Florida I’d want to see is the Wizarding World of Mr. Potter himself. Spend the day exploring Hogwarts, learn a few spells, stroll through Hogsmede and Diagon Alley. It’s incredible and if Harry Potter isn’t your thing there is plenty more to see at Universal Orlando Resort. Check out their website for more information. 

Have you ever been to Florida? What was your favorite destination spot to visit while you were there?