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Tips on Having A Good Relationship With The One You Love

Not a day has gone by in the past eleven years where I haven’t felt loved by my husband. Of course, every marriage goes through rough spots. Mine is no exception. But I’m talking about the good outweighing the bad in the relationship and how even having bad times should have nothing to do with loving your partner or your partner loving you back.

“I still look at her. After all this time. I don’t know what it is. She catches my eye, her smile, the swagger and cheekiness in her tone. Then she smiles and does or says something so off-the-wall, making me laugh so hard I don’t know whether to throw her over my knee and spank her or sweep her into my arms and give her a kiss. So I opt for both!” — Corey Shaw (forgetful dad)

Reading my husband’s quote, of course, my heart fills with pride, love and wondrous gratitude. I had a failed 12-year relationship before meeting my husband. So how on earth did I get so lucky to feel loved every day, and to have a great marriage that works, along with a man who has given me more than I ever could’ve asked for in a partner?

Easy — by just being me!

lucky in love

No matter what you do in your relationship, whether you need to work on things, get couples counseling, talk to someone about your troubles. Remember to be kind to each other. Remember who you love and who loves you is something special, no matter what you go through. It’s our imperfections that although can sometimes drive us crazy about one another that made us fall in love in the first place, so cherish that. And above all else.

And above all else love without boundaries because life is too damn short to let someone go who could be your best friend in 80 years holding your hand at the end of each day.

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