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5 Rules on Cooking With Kids

by Jodi Shaw

I hear it every time my son wants to help in the kitchen. Don’t tell me I did it wrong, mom! Okay, so I happen to point out little mistakes. I never realized that a room filled with do’s and dont’s doesn’t make a kid feel welcome. Things like “Don’t touch that, it’s hot!” and “Make sure you follow the recipe!”

As parents we have a hard time letting loose and allowing the rules to run a muck so we can just have some fun. So here are 5 Rules on Cooking With Kids brought to you by Ikea: #cookingwith parents. 

I guess as parents we sometimes have the “let’s get it done” attitude. If kids help there will be a mess to clean up, stress from keeping them safe in what we deem is a dangerous place.

I was brought to believe the kitchen is not a playground, and yet now being a mom to boys who love nothing more than getting their hands dirty. I could not have been more wrong. 

The kitchen can be a fun way for parents to engage with their kids. I asked my son what type of kitchen he’d have if he could design his own, and his ideas surprised me. A knights in armor back splash, red brick stove, black carpet so his feet stay warm and a golden fridge of course. 

Most parents allow their kids to clean the table, set the table, put away the dishes (chores) but never really allow their kids to cook with them. In other words kids only get to experience the boring bits of cooking and not the fun parts. 

IKEA believes all kids are the most important little people in the world, and there is lots to learn by listening to them. So they think it’s time for kids to be in the kitchen for real. It’s time for cooking with parents. I must agree. 

What do you think? Do you let your kids cook with you?

Rants n’ Rascals partnered with Ikea to bring you this message. All opinions are 100% my own and come from my own voice and experiences. Thanks for reading! 

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