5 Reasons Why Jeep Wrangler Is The Best Summer Vehicle

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It’s August. The sun is shining. The weather is hot. It’s time to take the top down and have some fun. I’ve always loved Jeeps. I don’t know but they are the epidemy of a good time when it comes to a car.

Bumpy. Fun. Affordable. Great Music. Jeeps have a long-standing history in my memory, and here are 5 reasons why the Jeep Wrangler is the best summertime vehicle around!

My first memory with a jeep was when I was young. My Auntie Deb had one, and I remember riding in it all the time. She would always put the top down, blare the music and the feel of the wind against my face was a feeling that’s hard to describe.

There is something so free about riding in a jeep that makes you feel alive!

1. Almost Naked Driving

One thing I love about the jeep is you can not only take the top off but the doors, too! And it’s perfectly legal to drive this way. Makes getting in and out of the car easier and allows you to enjoy the freedom of staring up at the big blue sky to feel the sunshine on your face while you go on your adventures.

2. Go Anywhere – Do Anything!

With a jeep you can literally go anywhere your summer vacation takes you. Jeep Wrangler is geared for the outdoors and rugged terrain with just the slip of a button. You can find yourself trekking the mountains or driving along the riverbed.

3. Community Support

Even back when my aunt owned her jeep there was community support. Owners of Jeep’s take things seriously and love to talk about what kind of jeep’s they have, what tires they have, and what they have done to amp their jeep’s up to make them look awesome.

4. Lots of Room To Breathe

Surprisingly Jeep Wranglers have more space than necessary for going on a summer road trip. You’d be amazed at all the hidden compartments and storage areas for you to pack up your gear to enjoy the sun, surf, and sand.

5. Affordable

Starting at $26,000 having a jeep doesn’t just have to be a dream. Jeep Wrangler 2018 is affordable with more bells and whistles like Alpine or JBL high range speakers, hill assist, navigation and more upping the price to $38,000 which is still great when you consider what you’re getting.

So whether you put the top down, remove the doors, pack the trunk, and head out onto the open road, having a jeep is the way to go. It’s a mid-sized SUV in its own class, has its own community of support and is one of the best vehicles on the road that can drive pretty anywhere you want.

If you could own any car to drive in the summer what would it be?

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