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5 Reasons We Love Mighty Smighties Game App

There are 5 Reasons we love playing Mighty Smighties. If you’ve never heard of it, keep reading because you are in for a load of fun!  Mighty Smighties — Right off the bat, I love the name. It’s cute and fun and makes me wanna play. I discovered the Mighty Smighties is right up both my alley and my son’s, as it’s a card based game that requires players to compete in matches or by themselves in missions to be the best card commander they can.

The game is compatible with both iPhone 4 and up, iPad and iPod devices and Android as well. I checked the game out for both platforms and loved it equally. For my son Trace the game is exactly what he loves. It’s similar to various other card style games where you collect cards, characters and learn to battle and master the elements like wind, fire, ice and so on. What I love is there is less violence in Mighty Smighties compared to their predecessors. The game is filled with lovable characters and fantastic graphics.

1. Collecting Rare Game Cards!

 You can collect rare cards in Mighty Smighties. There are three battle modes: Quest, Random and Friends. In Random you are matched with others online. Friends you get to choose who you face off with. And in Quest, you compete against the computer. This is my favorite. It allows you to stretch your legs, make mistakes and learn as you go.

2. Customize Your Smighty

Another great aspect of the game is the ability to customize your Smighty. This is so much fun, getting to pick and choose what your Smighty is wearing before battle. There are loads of variations and options to pick from. You can be a pirate, a summer beach bum, whatever your imagination conjures up. It’s fun!

3. Over 100 Levels to Explore

You will never get bored playing Mighty Smighty. In fact there are over 100 levels for you to dive into of fun and super fantastic game play!  Each level gains you points, cards, add-ons for your Smighties and more. I love you can play for a long time without it being easy or super difficult. There are many different modes of gaming for everyone.

4. Match 3 To Power Up

In each mode you get 30 seconds only to select your game card from your deck. Each game play is animated and fun, and gain more points as the levels go on. Booster Packs are available for purchase of course from the store using your silver or coins.  There is also a mini game called “Power Up” which I am totally addicted to. You can earn silver tokens. This game only shows up when you combine cards in your deck to gain more power.

Our final reason for loving this game. There is a global leaderboard where you can win prizes and take the lead over your friends and family. There are tons of accessories you can shop for that are fun and extremely cool to have. 

Give Mighty Smighties a chance. It’s a free game right now located at the App Store and Android Market through Google Play. It’s cute, fun and exciting. Your kids are sure to love it and you parents will become addicted quickly. I know I am. 

What is the latest game you’ve downloaded on your phone? 

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