5 Fastest Ways to Get Luxurious Hair


When hair is luxurious, it has just the right texture, sheen and body. Achieving your ideal hair can be a long process, but there are several things you can do to see quick results and enjoy gorgeous hair. If your hair is prone to split ends, dryness or frizz, you’ve probably tried a variety of conditioning treatments that can sometimes exacerbate those problems. If trying the same thing over and ever hasn’t been working, you may need to change your hair care approach.

Hair is a reflection of an individual’s overall health. Taking a more holistic approach to hair care can help you see faster results. Although hair is external, its roots are linked to the rest of our body through the circulatory system. At the base of each hair are follicles that transport nutrients from your blood. Great hair starts with nutrition. Nutrition is a wonderful starting point for quickly improving your hair’s luster and overall beauty. Your lifestyle choices and daily grooming habits can also impact your hair’s appearance. Start with these five strategies to set the stage for your healthiest hair ever.

Beautify With Vitamin B

Vitamin B, prevalent in spinach, leafy greens and whole grains like brown rice and barley, is known as an essential beauty vitamin. Long, luxurious locks must more than just lucky genetics — and one of their main requirements is this water-soluble vitamin. Vitamin B-12 is specifically linked with faster hair growth and stronger, less breakable strands. Ample vitamin B-12 can have a similar influence on your hair as hair growth products for women that are designed to improve hair growth and texture.

The “Other” Vitamin B — Beer!

This is not an invitation to get tipsy on behalf of your hair, but rather to apply beer topically. Dark beers are the best for this purpose, as they contain more hops — an herb known to nourish your hair, improve its softness and create a fuller-bodied look. If you can find a way to work beer into your hair-care routine a couple of times a week, you will likely notice fast results. Dark beer has actually been used on human hair for centuries — nearly as long as it’s been a part of social life.

Applying beer can be messy, so do it in the bath or shower. Don’t worry—you won’t have to go out in public smelling like beer just to have gorgeous hair.Beer works into your hair in less than five minutes, after which you rinse it out as you would any other conditioner. It’s one of nature’s finest natural hair enhancers and works for all hair types — oily, frizzy, dry or damaged.

Longer Sleep Equals Longer Hair

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Scientific studies have consistently shown that human hair and nails grow faster with enough sleep. The longer you sleep, on average, the longer your hair grows. Getting your eight hours of sleep per night also reduces the level of stress hormones in your body — hormones that can wreak havoc on your hair and sometimes cause hair loss. Make peaceful slumber a priority and experience improvements in your hair’s length, texture and strength.

Hot Oil at Home

Hot oil treatments are a time-tested strategy to condition hair, make it more manageable and add shine. They can be expensive at salons but can be just as effective when done economically at home. Pure coconut oil is relatively inexpensive and works wonderfully as a hot hair treatment.

All you need is about 3 ounce of coconut oil, a plastic squeeze bottle and a plastic shower cap. Heat the oil in the bottle over the stove in a pan of water. When it’s warm to the touch — not boiling — take out the hot oil and squeeze it onto your hair. Massage the oil deeply into your scalp. Place the plastic shower cap over your hot-oiled hair and let it stay in your hair for 15 – 20 minutes, then rinse. This is one of the fastest ways to improve the texture of your hair and repair damage from style and heat.

Your Hair Loves Your Hands

Believe it or not, hair brushes and combs are responsible for a large amount of daily hair loss. Some degree of daily hair loss is natural and expected, while some is preventable. Plastic bristles cause more damage than natural boar bristles. Use a hair brush with animal hair bristles to decrease hair loss from brushing. Even better — use nature’s original hair brush: your hands.

Using your hands to detangle and comb your hair takes some practice, but has been proven to cause less hair damage and strand loss. Because our fingertips are round and soft, they do not snag off hair like plastic bristles can. Use your hands and your hair will love you for it. It’s a quick way to improve your hair volume and avoid unnecessary hair loss.

About the Author: Victoria Traynor is a freelance writer and editor with a degree in nutritional biology.

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