5 Classic Ways To Dress Up Your Windows

One of the most creative and inexpensive ways to add some splash to your home is to dress up your windows. I love changing things up in my home, especially when the seasons switch around. Summertime, sheers are popular. Light and airy they add a whimsical effect and allow the room some added light. In the winter something warmer and more colorful. Here are 5 Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Windows 

Horizontal Blinds

You may think horizontal blinds aren’t creative but nowadays you can find more than just cheap plastic coverings to make your windows shine. Look for bamboo or wood blinds with thick slats. I love the comfy cottage feel wood blinds brings to a home, rustic and inviting.

Roman Shades

Shades are always nice and easy to keep clean and dust free. Roman shades add a modern twist to the classic drapes. Their elegant folds cascade down the window adding splash to any contemporary home.

Printed Window Fashions

Roller blinds are one of my favorite ways to dress a window, especially for a child’s room. Printed fabric that rolls with ease, adds personality to any room in your home. Some places even offer for your own designs to be printed on your blinds, adding a more personal touch.


Panels are one of my favorite ways to dress a window. Why? Because they don’t cover the window completely, leaving open room allowing natural light to filter in from outside. Panels are the perfect choice for decorating sundeck and patio doors without the hassle of pulling blinds or curtains back, allowing for easier access for your entry way.


One of the most classic designs especially for kitchens, shutters add a rustic and cottage type feel to your windows. Unique with style you can choose from an assortment of colors. Most shutters are made from natural wood or wood-like construction with pvc coating over top, and many come with a lifetime warranty so you know it’s a good investment for your home.

No matter what window design coverings you are looking for, remember that your options are limitless. I searched on Google for Window Fashions, Window Designs, Classic Window Coverings, Blinds and various other solutions to find the information I needed for this post. You can, too!

Your home is an investment for your future, so you want it to be the best it can be, comfortable, relaxing and something you can enjoy for years to come.

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