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5 Best Sneaker Brands For You and The Kids

by Jodi Shaw

Sneakers are a class of footwear that will never die out. They are the most versatile product you can wear on your feet. They are comfortable, perfect for chilling out or running around town. But they also aren’t the cheapest, and you get what you pay for. So what are the top 5 sneaker brands for you and your kids that will not only look great but last a long time? 

1. Adidas


Adidas NMD Chukka Black / Photo credit: Adidas

Adidas right now are the most sought after brand on the market. Their retro styles are back and the kids are going crazy over them. Mix that with their booming clothing range, and Adidas are the superstars of sneakers!  Look for online retailers that carry great deals on Adidas Footwear and you don’t have to break the bank finding the right pair to fit your families needs!


2. Nike

Nike Rosh Runs / Photo credit: Nike

Nike Rosh Runs / Photo credit: Nike

The ever popular brand of Nike has always had a reputation that is trustworthy because they make brilliant products that are durable and suitable for any outfit. Nike Rosh Runs shown above in the ever blessed Marvel Adventure are amazing for kids. 


3. New Balance

New Balance 574 / Photo credit: New Balance

New Balance 574 / Photo credit: New Balance

A brand my parents used to buy us growing up, New Balance sneakers have always been a go-to choice for parents  when it comes to wearing them for physical activity. New Balance 574 are just one of many styles which are sleek, comfortable and will last a long time. 


4. Asics


Asics Marble Wear

Asics is an ideal brand for your family as their sneakers are specifically designed to protect your feet during exercise to make sure kids don’t injury themselves, which parents want. A tad more on the expensive side, but well worth the extra money. You get a premium product with a wide variety of styles to choose from. 


5. Sketchers



Still and probably always will be one of my favorite brands of sneakers – Sketchers are a more affordable and much more comfortable alternative to other brands. Not to mention they are highly attractive. Sketchers are built like pillows for your feet, made with something called memory foam insoles to adapt to your foots shape and weight, allowing breathability with plenty of cushion to keep you going all day long. 

With so many brands the choice can be hard but the most important thing is to buy a pair of sneakers that are comfortable and ones that fit your style, foot and reason for use. 

What’s your favorite brand of sneaker to wear? Let us know and chime in below. 


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