Welcome 40!

Many people talk about their 40’s as though it’s a carnival ride of fun and games, laughter and friends. I guess it can be, but for me (personally) my 40’s so far has sucked big rotten eggs. I actually feel older. Okay, sure, I’m 44 today so of course, I’d feel that way. But it’s more than that.

My body feels older. Bones and joints I never knew I had ache all day long. I got cancer a year and a half ago and had to battle that. I lost a friend to murder. A family member before her time.

Financially things seem to be getting tighter and harder, and my oldest graduated, moved out and in with his girlfriend, which made me realize just how quickly life can pass you by without you even thinking about it.

Being in my 40’s hasn’t been all peachy keen. So it got me thinking about the things I can do look ahead. I can deal with my health as each day comes. I can deal with my son growing up, hard as it might be. What I can’t deal with is a midlife crisis and looking back and seeing there were things I could do to enjoy my life more.

44 Things You Can Do In Your 40’s To Get The Most Out Of Your Life

  1. Entertain more often. Invite friends and family over and host more dinner parties.
  2. Exercise or go for a walk for at least 10 minutes a day.
  3. Be nicer to people, say hello and be courteous more often.
  4. Remove negative people and scenarios from your life. It’s your life so take charge of it.
  5. Start planning for retirement, savings and where life will take you.
  6. Declutter. Remove unnecessary things from your life and your home you don’t need or use.
  7. Eat healthier foods that you know are good for you.
  8. Do something in the bedroom you’ve always wanted to try. Take a risk. Be flirtatious or spontaneous with your partner.
  9. Take a risk you wouldn’t normally take. Jump out of an airplane. Go bungee jumping. Whitewater rafting.
  10. Take a class you’ve always wanted to take like pottery, painting, art, dance or singing.
  11. Set aside more time for your kids. An hour each weekend or date night once a week doing something fun.
  12. Start a memoir of your life writing about the things you’ve been through and what you’ve learned from them.
  13. Take part in your local community garden and plant something you’ve always wanted to grow.
  14. Plan more coffee dates with friends.
  15. Try new foods you’ve always wanted to try, including some you think you don’t like. Try them again.
  16. Stop buying things you don’t need.
  17. Make something you’ve always wanted to make and share it online.
  18. Get dressed up more often.
  19. Change something about yourself you’ve always wanted to change.
  20. Do up your will
  21. Try to learn something new each day and write it down in your journal.
  22. Crash a party or wedding you were not invited to and make some new friends.
  24. Accept the fact you need glasses and pick yourself up a funky pair. Your eyes will thank you.
  25. Go swimming at least once a week at your local pool.
  26. Plan a surprise party for no reason.
  27. Take better care of your skin and body.
  28. Read one book every month for a whole year.
  29. Start your own book club with a group of friends to keep yourself reading.
  30. Rescue and adopt an animal you’ve always wanted (dog or cat) and give them all the love in the world.
  31. Plan a weekend getaway with the one you love.
  32. Stop giving a damn about what everyone thinks. It’s your life to live.
  33. Say sorry to someone you owe an apology to that you care about. Life is too short.
  34. Invite your family over for dinner more often.
  35. Visit a Build-A-Bear workshop and pick out something to build for yourself. It’s fun no matter what age you are.
  36. Choose ten people and send each one of them a small gift or card thanking them for being in your life. Send via mail and don’t tell them it’s coming.
  37. Forgive yourself for the things in your life you wish you could change. It’s time to move forward.
  38. Quit a habit that you know is bad for you for at least 30 days (ie: smoking, eating the wrong foods, drinking)
  39. Watch that movie you’ve been putting off.
  40. Go to an expensive restaurant at least once and order something you’ve always wanted to try.
  41. Order and buy something for yourself online.
  42. Print photos and create an album or build a gallery wall in your home of memories you cherish.
  43. Volunteer your time once a week within your community if you have the time.
  44. Write down 3 positive things you love about yourself each day for 30 days and put each one in a large jar to read at the end of the year.

I still have a few more years to try to enjoy my 40’s and I hope this list can help move me forward. Life is too short to stew over things I cannot change, and I know life isn’t always easy. I just hope by the time I get to 50, I have way more things in my life under control. Until then, I’m going take up some pottery, so some painting, take up photography and do something fun with the people in my life I love the most.

What would you add to your list of 40’s?



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