4 Ways You Can Protect Your Electronic Devices


It’s always exciting, getting a new electronic device you can enjoy. You can’t wait to open it up and play with it, set it up, download apps and really see and experience everything it can do.  That’s how I felt when I won our iPad mini several months ago.  But there is more to just owning a new iPad or tablet. You have to know how to protect your device properly, to help keep up its longevity and keep it running smoothly.

1.) Use a Screen Protector – This is important as the iPad and tablets are touch sensitive, which means fingers are constantly on the screen and the screens are vulnerable to scratching and breaking.  There are lots of options out there for screen protectors. You can pick one up and apply it yourself with ready-made kits at about any electronic retailer. The issue is they have to be applied right which isn’t easy. So I recommend buying one online and then taking it to Best Buy where they geek squad can put it on for you for a small fee without air bubbles.

2.) Keep the device away from liquids — this goes without saying. Liquid and electronics don’t play nice and can harm your device royally. Even condensation can corrupt the device software.  If you find your device has experienced contact with liquid there are things you can do. Put the device in a bag of rice immediately, keeping it sealed for 48 hours. Wipe any liquid away immediately and dry it out before charging or turning it back on.  But the best way is to just keep your device free and clear of any accidental spills.

3.) Get a good case to protect your device — The first thing I wanted after getting my iPad was a cover for it.  I wanted a case I could use to not only protect my device but use it as a stand for watching movies and something that would keep the device clear of debris and dirt when carrying it around with me.  Apple sells great covers for the iPad, but I wanted something a bit more durable, more affordable and something that not only looked great but was easy to clean.

My choice was the Snugg ipad mini case.  It’s a great, stylish and fun case that not only protects my iPad but it doubles as a stand and has a slot for a stylus which is great.  The case is leather and I got one in red, but they come in a variety of colors. Retailing on sale for $29.99, now you can get deals and discounts from Snugg.com if you buy both a cover and screen protector. Two things you definitely need to protect your device.

4.) Insure your investment — If you are going to go the extra mile and buy a tablet or iPad, you should make sure your investment is protected. Buying extended warranties and insurance on your device is one way to protect your device from future mishaps. Many retailers offer warranties, both in store and extended. So make sure you not only buy a warranty but list your device on your insurance plan as well.

No matter what device you have, what cases or covers you use. Protecting your device is protecting your investment which is important. You went to the trouble to make this buy for yourself, so be cautious and do the right thing to protect what you value.

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  1. Tammy May 29, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    We learned the hard way about protecting electronics. Now I use a cushioned sleeve for my laptop and tablet. My kids have cases for their iPods and one of them still managed to get a crack in the screen.


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