4 Tips to Finding Your Ancestry Roots

Where we come from is a question my boys have asked numerous times concerning our family’s origin. It’s normal to be curious about where you come from, especially if your family tree leads you to far away places such as Scotland, Britain, Germany, or Ireland. However, finding information on our ancestry roots hasn’t always been easy.

Take Ireland for example. In 1922 there was a fire at the Four Courts which destroyed many of the records which could’ve made it easier for someone to trace their roots to Ireland. Knowing that our family had a connection to the country wasn’t sufficient enough in our journey of self-discovery. You have to actually visit the country and explore it.

I suggest using a professional tour company such as goirishtours.com as it can give you a glimpse of the place your ancestors inhabited, setting you on a trail which will lead you to your ancestry roots and besides, who doesn’t want to explore the beauty of a country like Ireland up close?

Finding Your Ancestry Roots

Tip 1. Find possible family members in your current location

When families migrate, they tend to move to the same country or city. This is done to ensure security and support in a new environment which makes sense. Nobody wants to move somewhere without family or friends.

So, find out if there are people who share the same surname as you in your local area or nearby towns. All you might have is your name in common but if you are lucky, you might find you share more than that. You might share the same ancestry roots.

Tip 2. Use traditional naming patterns for clues

There is no guarantee this will work as overtime families end up changing their names based on personal preferences and trying to fit into society. However, it can give you clues about your family tree.

Traditionally, the eldest son in a family was named after his paternal grandfather, the second got his maternal grandfather’s name, and the third son his father’s name. Knowing the names of your family members can give you clues in tracing your ancestry roots.

Tip 3. Use websites that give clues on locations of families sharing surnames

Nowadays you can find anything on the Internet and there are many websites offering ancestry information both for free and for a fee. Use them to your advantage. This is an excellent place to find out locations of families that share your surname.

When looking up surnames, you will get information of areas occupied by people dating back to the 1800s. You can even narrow your search, starting with regions of origin. If this proves unsuccessful, you can proceed to regions with fewer residents who shared the same name.

I looked up my grandfather and grandmother using their surnames in their local area of origin, and I was surprised to find Census and tax information, along with the address of the house my father grew up in. I even found a marriage certificate and voting information for my grandparents.

The more information you have to search with such as surnames, birthdates, addresses, birthplace origins and so forth can make your search that much easier.

Tip 4. Seek the assistance of a genealogy Research Company

Genealogy research companies have census records dating as far back as the 1800s. The company you use may give you more information based on your findings.

If you are not certain of the acquired information, you may seek clarification from this company. You will also be educated on some interesting facts on ancestral roots.

Researching your roots before taking a trip to Ireland adds excitement to your search. It would be best if you found out as much as you can before making the trip to Ireland. This will ensure you have a starting point when you get there.

Besides finding your ancestry roots, learning more about Ireland and the Irish is a splendid way of finding out about your ancestors and the environment they called home before they migrated to other parts of the world. ย 

Have you ever searched for or wanted information regarding your ancestry roots?


  1. Travelbuds December 11, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    I have been tracing my family history for years and have accomplished quite a bit. I have been emailing 3rd cousins of mine who live in Britian.

    1. Jodi Shaw - Site Author December 12, 2019 at 11:55 pm

      That is very cool. It’s something we don’t often think about how we have relatives we may not even know of.

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