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4 Most Lucrative Wedding Business Ideas

Are you a wedding lover like me? Do you get all excited as you see the bride and groom walk down the aisle, recite their vows and exchange that first kiss with one another? Do you secretly enjoy all the anxiety that goes into a wedding and love the chaos, happy when things turn out in the end? Do you love the dancing, the wedding food, the romantic atmosphere? I don’t blame you.

I loved my wedding. It was at Christmas time. But you can’t (and probably shouldn’t) get married every day just because you love it. You can, however, have weddings be a part of your everyday life.  If you were like me then you’ve already organized your own wedding, and you know how lucrative the wedding business can be. It’s also not all about the money.

Imagine helping countless of couples celebrate the best day of their lives. It’s like a cherry on top. If you are looking for a great wedding business opportunity, read along for some of the most profitable wedding business ideas.

Wedding Planner

One of the best jobs around, wedding planners do so much more than their name implies. A wedding planner is in charge of everything from decorating to hiring other companies, making sure the bride isn’t late or that Uncle Bob is not getting in the way of the photographers. All these responsibilities come with a hefty financial reward in the end. As a wedding planner, you’ll be in touch with other wedding businesses where you can build and form partnerships that benefit both your business and theirs and most importantly the newlyweds.

Selling or Renting Wedding Gowns & Dresses

One of the most profitable, selling and renting wedding gowns is a great opportunity. You can’t have a wedding without having dressed the bride’s maid, and one special all-magnificent dress for the bride. It’s one of the prerequisites, just like the rings, and therefore is very popular wedding business ideas. Brides don’t get stingy when it comes to picking out a dress. Whether they are renting or buying. If you are lucky enough to have a celebrity, the prices get even higher.

Wedding Band or DJ

No wedding is complete without great music. While some prefer the sound of a good, old-fashioned live band at their ceremony, others go for a DJ to set the mood instead. Either way, wedding musicians are very popular and if you’re talented enough couples will keep recommending you. Just make sure you’re talented enough, have good quality instruments and sound systems and are able to cater to large crowds different tastes.

Wedding Photographer

The only downside to a great wedding is that it doesn’t last forever. Fortunately, wedding photographers are there to capture these precious memories forever. It’s true that everyone has a fairly solid camera on their phone, but they are missing the photographer’s touch and more importantly their ability to tell their story. That’s why wedding photography still holds its place as one of the most lucrative wedding businesses.

According to Knot’s research, people spent an average of $2,783 on wedding photography! It’s safe to say wedding photographers aren’t going anywhere. However, if you are planning to run a wedding photography business you will need to develop a certain set of skills necessary to capture the wedding in the way your customers will cherish for life.

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