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When it comes to having what I need in the kitchen, I’m extremely picky. They have a gadget for everything. From chopping to slicing, to mixing and baking, you can find something to help you do what you need to get the job done. But space can be limited, especially in a small apartment. So choosing the right appliances to keep and use is very important.

Imagine having a gadget that can grate cheese in five seconds. Or a gadget to chop those nasty onions without shedding a tear. How about a gadget that offers a dual purpose. What’s important is finding a brand you trust when it comes to buying certain gadgets to make your life easier, more affordable and fun.


1. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

I’m not a baker. I like to bake but there is a very big difference. So when it comes to having a gadget to mix up a cake, bake some cupcakes for Trace’s class or whip up some dip for those veggies I get a hankering for.

The Hamilton Beach 5-speed hand mixer does the trick. With a powerful motor that offers effortless mixing and ergonomic design and slow first speed that prevents splatters, because let’s face it who likes splatters?

This mixer has a snap-on storage case with beaters and whisk to keep everything you need on hand in one place, along with a swivel cord for right or left handed use that locks into place.

Of course, the stainless steel attachments are dishwasher-safe making clean-up super easy. And the best part is you can pick one up for only $34.99 so, no breaking the bank.

Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer

2. Hamilton Beach Professional All-Metal Drink Mixer

No kitchen is complete without a gadget to mix your drinks. I’m a huge smoothie and shake lover, and so are the boys. A drink mixer is a perfect thing for hosting summer parties. Soda or fruit drinks, you can even make pancake batter to pour from the durable stainless steel container.

The Hamilton Beach Metal Drink mixer has been a popular choice since 1911. It reminds me of a simpler time, at a mom and pop shop where you could order a milkshake that was cold and delicious.

Start with some ice cream and milk in the stainless steel cup, and then add your favorite berries, crushed ice, cookies or candy. This mixer is great for making protein shakes, too, perfect for after a workout.

You can maybe even indulge a little making your favorite adult beverage on a sunny summer evening. The Hands-free mixer makes everything easy.

The Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer retails for $99.99 and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser

3. Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser (my favorite!)

Whether you are getting breakfast ready for the family or pouring yourself a cup, the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser will streamline your morning rush. It is by far my favorite coffee maker of all time.

With the ability to brew both coffee and heat hot water using 2 separate reservoirs, this coffee maker is truly unique and one gadget every kitchen must have.

Using cone filter advantage to brew better coffee, the Hamilton Beach coffee maker came with No4 Melitta brown cone filters that are gluten-free and compostable, geared for brewing richer bolder flavors.

There is also an option to brew either regular or bold, 4 or 12 cups with automatic pause and serve, and shut off for the coffee maker and hot water dispenser after 2 hours.

I love this!

Now, Trace can get up and make his own oatmeal before heading to school. The hot water dispenser shows a (green light) ready button, and there is still enough water left for several cups of tea without the need to refill with the hot water dispenser having a 32-ounce reservoir. This allows me to share more drinks with friends.

I love the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser. It’s only $89 bucks and offers so many options. I love that my friends can come over and brew their own blended tea without me having to make one pot of the same kind and that both the coffee maker and hot water dispenser are individually programmable.

So I can set the time to go off at 5 am, allowing me to enjoy some green tea while I work, and have the coffee maker begin brewing at 7 when daddy gets up to take the kids to school.

What Kitchen Gadget Can You Not Live Without?

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