25 ways to annoy your kids

I’m always in for a good laugh whenever I’m browsing online. I love to read other mom bloggers and what they are up to. Yesterday, I came across this post 25 ways to annoy your mom – and I busted a gut laughing.

The list was hilarious, filled with all the nasty, rotten and downright mean things our kids do to annoy us. Then it dawned on me, we should have a list of our own. I mean seriously, we wait our whole lives to embarrass, tease and get under our kid’s skin. So is my own list of 25 Ways to Annoy Your Kids.

#1.  Say just a minute to every question they ask when they want something.

#2.  Answer every question with the same question they asked.

#3. Give them the ole’ “because I said so” and nothing else then watch them scream and run from the room how much they hate you!  Then laugh about it.

#4. Giggle when they fall or hurt themselves.  Not because you want them to be hurt but come on falling up the stairs is pretty funny.

#5. Throw them in the shower and turn it on when they are projectile vomiting and run away screaming “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!”

25 ways to annoy your kids - girl sitting in the grass with annoyed look

#6. Dance naked in your room with the windows and doors open when they are over the age of 12 and catch you and then explain it’s normal.

#7. Mention the word sex or kissing in every second sentence to your tween and watch them squirm.

#8. Ask them when they are with a group of mixed gender friends… “So which one is the one you like?”

#9. Go to their first school dance as a chaperone.  They will love you!  Then make them dance with you.

#10. When you are dropping them off at school, wait until they reach their friends and scream “I love you boo bear!”  Drive away hysterically laughing.  Oh, come on we’ve all done it!

man and son looking at each other with cute look - ways to annoy your kids

#11. Talk to them about masturbation with a serious face.  Yeah okay.

#12. Give them tons of smoochy hugs and kisses all over when they get older. They love that!

#13. Give them a timeout for no reason.  Just cause.

#14. Send them to bed early because you are tired.  (Yep done it. I know trashy mom moment.)

#15. Buy them two-dollar runners from Fields and act like they are the coolest things on earth.

boy covering his face - ways to annoy your kids

#16. Make them do chores and when they ask for allowance ask them where your money is?

#17. Wake them up early when you woke up and have no one to play with.

#18. Fold their underwear in front of their friends but remember to ask them first if they are theirs.

#19. Pull out the bathtub baby pics when their first girlfriend/boyfriend come over.

#20. Tell the story about when they were a baby and ate their own poop.

kid covering his face with a large leaf

#21. Ask them what they really want for dinner and then make something totally different.

#22. Hide their knapsacks, shoes or coat and then watch them freak they can’t find it, then get mad and say “If you had put it away it wouldn’t be like this…”

#23. Make them brush their teeth with a timer going.

#24. When they come to you for help with homework, kindly reply “I can’t I know nothing.”  That’s what my son says. I know nothing.

#25. When they ask what is for dinner, reply. “Nothing, we aren’t eating.”

As parents, it’s job to know the ways to annoy our kids. I admit that I’ve done a few of these things on this list and on purpose, too. Being a parent is a blessing. Having fun with your kids is a joy!

What things have you done to annoy your kids? Share all your secrets with us below in the comments…

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  1. Darlene Schuller March 31, 2019 at 6:08 am

    lol this is awesome

  2. Shelly February 10, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Yeah…'We were there already. Don't you remember? You must have missed it.' lol. Great list. I just buzzed my 15 ways to get under mom's skin. My kids are pretty extreme though in the annoyance department:)

    Great post. New follower/fan!



  3. Lolli @ Better in Bu February 5, 2011 at 12:29 am

    KIssing Dad in the kitchen always seems to get my kids in a huff. πŸ™‚ Great list!

  4. Saxy February 4, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    26) When kids ask "Are we there yet?" you answer, Sorry we passed it already! We're now going home.


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