Holiday Gift Guide For College Parents 2015

People will always accept and receive any gifts just as they are. The same way, a college student, will appreciate even toys when they are brought to them simply because they are gifts and no one returns gifts. However, the reality is that the preferences and needs of students have changed as they grow, therefore; a parent should consider making similar adjustments with the gifts.

Since the holidays are around the corner, the essay writing  service among other concerned writers, have prepared a holiday gift guide for the college students. There is a need for a parent to think outside the box to ensure the student receives a gift that they love. This gift guide helps parents hit the sweet spot in both practicability and fun.

The Goodie Basket Carried From Home

This is a unique gift that will always create memories. Homemade food is always appreciated, and it does not matter if it is presented as a holiday gift or a care package. A parent can decide to make their daughter’s or son’s favorite homemade treats, fill a basket with the local foods, and carry them to school. Also, it is important to make enough to share with others and make it more memorable.

A New Smartphone, Tablet or E-Reader


Technology is hastily engulfing our lifestyles, and no one can ignore the fact that we need to keep with the trend to remain up to date. College students need a smartphone for the internet to get into various social media platforms to chat with friends and other multifaceted reasons that exist for having a smartphone. If they already have one, it would be fine to surprise them with a new and better one that they probably admire and wish they would possess one day.

A tablet is another option that is practical, useful, entertaining and classy. Students use them to take notes, check up some useful information and for other fun applications that are necessary to unwind. E-readers are also useful tools for college reading.

College essentials

This is also an exciting surprise gift, where a parent decides to shop for their students like to tell them no shopping will be done for next term. College students are at times thrilled, by only the thought of having enough college essentials. To add to it, the parent can add a few cards to the gifts that make it more special.

Dorm room decor

Most colleges have basic furniture in the dorms, but they lack the extra items that give a homely convenience. A parent could choose to make their students room more comfortable by getting items such as Bluetooth speakers, mini-coffee maker and a set of television among others.

Cash With A Twist

College students have many needs that require money and it would be such a fulfilling gift. However, some creativity should come along, by either putting the cash in a wallet or between a gift card and other surprises.

A Plane Ride Home

This could be a bit pricey, but if the budget allows it is an exquisite surprise. If the college students are leaving for home, the parents could organize for a ticket so that the student takes a flight home.

No matter what gifts parents choose, make sure the gift is geared for a college student’s life in mind. Everything from books to pens, to computers and bus tickets home for the holidays, will go a long way with appreciation from the students you love.

What kinds of gift ideas have you given to your college son or daughter?

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