Cloud B Holiday Gifts To Help Baby Get A Good Sleep

Any parent will tell you the importance of having your children get a good night’s sleep. Not all kids are able to hit the pillow though and enter dreamland so easily. Some kids, like my son, require a little extra help along the way to ensure a good night’s sleep. Our good friends at Cloud-b, offer up their 2015 Holiday gifts to help your little ones rest easy.

Cuddly Comfeez™ – Sleep Sheep® $69.00

Cuddly Comfeez is an adorable lounge sleeper is perfect for little ones to cuddle up and relax. With plush arms out-stretched offering a warm embrace, these character chairs are not just pieces of furniture for your kids but they offer the softest seat in the house. Made of 100% plush polyester, super soft and durable plus easy to clean. These are ideal for toddlers who always looking for a way to climb.

Cuddly Comfeez offer children a way to sit, kick back and relax, cuddle up and even sleep well. They make the perfect gift for someone you know. I got one for my niece who just exploring the world around her. I figure it is a great way for her to crawl over, hug, lay on as it screams “Come Cuddle Me” I almost kept it for myself LOL. Cuddly Comfeez comes in two popular choices. Comfeez Sheep and Comfeez Turtle.


Hugginz Plush Animals $24.99

These little fur animals are the cutest and cuddliest which is how they earned their name Hugginz Plush. Huggable, super-soft, lovable plush pals that only a kid could dream of. They make the perfect play companion for playtime, bedtime, afternoon snuggles or a ride in the car. 

Hugginz Plush are irresistibly soft with dreamy star print accents, embroidered eyes, heirloom quality that will last for years to come. They come in 4 characters: Monkey, Bear, Bunny and Sheep. Machine washable, made of 100% polyester with poly filling they are safe for ages 0+ plus they are great for kids with Sensory Disorder, like my son. 

The skin has hundreds of sensory nerve endings. Touch is the most interconnected and Hugginz provide emotional and physical growth for the healthy development in children. They were developed to create positive touch, hugs, snuggles and experience for happy & healthy development.

Twilight Buddies $35.99

Twilight Buddies™ are one of my favorite friends from Cloud-b as they truly help kids who are afraid of the dark. My son had a bad fear of the dark and if it wasn’t for his Tranquil and Twilight friends from Cloud-b, sleep would impossible. Twilight Buddies project a soothing starry show of the moon and 3 constellations. These fun, plush pals are sweet to cuddle by day and soothing at night. 

Twilight Buddies come in 9 different characters to choose from: Sheep, Unicorn, Palomino, Giraffe, Pegasus, Bunny, Fox, Hippo and Alligator. So there is something for every child. They ease the fear of the dark and with a 45-minute timer, parents don’t need to worry about turning off their kids buddies. With LED technology the hard shell stays cool to the touch, making Twilight Buddies safe for children and your home. 

Twilight Turtle™ – Classic /$39.99

This Classic friend was my son’s first buddy from Cloud-b technology and it is still his favorite. Taking away his fear of the dark The Twilight Turtle transforms his room into a starry night sky. The light show projects real constellations onto his bedroom ceiling and walls. I love that it comes with an illustrated Star-Guide so he has learned what the Dippers are and Ursa’s twinkling above him. 

Twilight Turtle has a 45-minute timer to ensure complete darkness after my son has fallen asleep, recommended by pediatricians. It projects 3 color options: blue, amber and green, and it comes with various options for colored shells such as purple, amber, blue and brown. 

Stay Asleep Buddies $44.99

Stay Asleep Buddies would make the perfect gift for any child. These plush pals teach children when to sleep and when to wake up Using soothing melodies and glowing lights, kids quickly learn to distinguish between bedtime and playtime. So there is more sleep for them and more alone time for parents without having to face the bedtime struggles. 

Stay Asleep Buddies are programmable for a full night’s rest or even just a nap. The perfect sleep trainer, nightlight and sound soother all at once rolled into one cuddly plush friend. Great for developing healthy sleep routines. Just set the timer  (1 – 12 hours) and Stay Asleep Buddies do the rest. Each one comes with a 45-minute timer and eases fear of the dark which many children suffer from. The buddy reactivates when shaken or moved lulling kids back to sleep before the timer kicks in again.

The Stay Asleep Buddies plays wake-up tunes in the morning or after nap time. It teaches kids to get up on their own. Bright green glow lets kids know when it’s time and you can adjust the volume control for both melodies. Portable you can take your Sleep Buddies anywhere. 


Cloud-b has been creating wonderful gifts and sleep aids for children for years. You can find all kinds of sleep-aids, cuddle buddies, snuggle friends and more from Cloud-b. Visit their website today for more information. 

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  1. Treen Goodwin November 30, 2015 at 2:21 am

    These are so cute , i would love to get them for my Grand kids they are awesome thanks for sharing 🙂


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