2013 Buick Enclave A Parent’s Dream Car!

I recently had an opportunity to test drive a 2013 Buick Enclave, and go on a fantastic road trip with my family to Whistler, BC. Upon first impression on seeing the Enclave, I thought what a sweet ride.

The Power is Here… There and Everywhere!

The Enclave is a cross-over vehicle with 3.6L V6 engine that generates 288 horsepower because of Direct Injection, Variabe Valve Timing and a six-speed automatic transmission.  That’s lots of power, and power it has. It handled the Sea to Sky highway without any problems. Lots of power getting up a few steep hills. Stop and go is easy, braking is simple and tight so you can stop on dime.

Fuel Consumption Good or Bad?

Fuel consumption on this beauty is awesome!  It is rated at 8.4L/100km. We had a full tank of gas when we picked up the Enclave in Burnaby, we drove to Whistler, around Whistler Village, went out for dinner and then drove home. On the ride home we stopped in Squamish, Shannon Falls, drove to New West, then headed back to Abbotsford. Upon arriving home, I checked the gas gage and I had a quarter of tank left.  All in all that is amazing bang for buck where fuel is concerned.  I would love to take this baby on a two-week road trip across Canada to see how it does.

Safety Features

There are a few things I love about the Enclave as a driver where safety is concerned. The Enclave has every direction covered, providing the driver with enhanced visibility using up to date modern safety technologies. One of my favorite things is the Side Blind Zone Alert, that indicates when a vehicle is coming into your blindspot. It alerted me each and every time a car came up that I couldn’t see beside me. This is great when traveling on a highway at high speeds, wanting to change lanes but not being able to have clear visibility as to whether or not someone is hiding next to you.

Another great feature on the Enclave that I love but took some getting use to was the Rearview Camera System and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Every time I backed up, the system alerted me to what was behind me, people, dogs, other vehicles. I’m used to looking out the back window on my minivan and just backing up. However the Enclave is an extended cross-over so I can see how this technology is extremey useful when you cannot always see what is behind you. It’s a great add on.

Interior and Style

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The interior and style of Encave is elegant with cross stitching pattern stitched directy onto the leather seats and dashboard. The steering wheel is a mixture of wood grain and leather. It felt very comfortable in my hands. I love that everything I need is located right on the steering wheel, from booth tooth technology for a cell phone, radio controls, cruise controls and even voice technology. Just say what you want and the system works for you, making the Enclave a true hands free and safe experience.

Storage and Seating

There is tons of storage and seating on the Enclave. The model we had seats 8, with the back row seats folding down, providing ample storage in the back. The main two rows are captains seats which I love. All leather, comfortable and easy to wipe down and keep clean. The front drivers seat is fully adjustable, making it easy for a driver to gain comfort while preparing for a trip. The back row seating providing ample room both leg room and between the seats for extra luggage or bags. The boys loved that the cup holders were built right into their doors. No reaching for anything, and each seat in front of them had a pocket on the back for storage of coloring books, magazines or whatever you need.  The programmable power liftgate was also pretty cool. Very handy.


You can talk to your car, that’s pretty cool!  Say the word and the Enclave responds.  Voice commands control all your entertainment needs thanks to Buick IntelliLink interactive audio system.  I thought it was rad I could access music and apps from our smartphone using Bluetooth and control the system with my voice. The touchscreen makes it simple and easy with wheel-mounted controls. You can make hands free calls and store your phone contacts directly into the Address Book of the system. I love SiriusXM radio with 120 channels, so no matter where you are there is something to listen to without losing a connection, even in the mountains.


All in all the 2013 Buick Enclave which is listed at $41,000 base price up to $53,000 fully loaded is a vehicle that is worth checking out. It handles amazing, with features that go above and beyond what the consumer would expect. The quality and craftsmanship of the interior and exterior, everything from leather seats that are adjustable, to quality zone temperature controls, a stylish grill on the front and engine that produces enough power to get you where you want to go.

I wish to thank Buick for allowing me to test drive the Enclave. I’m sad I have to return it on Tuesday. Now I just have to save my pennies to get myself one. For everyone else, go check out the Buick Enclave today and give it a test drive. You won’t be disappointed!

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