15 Ways Dare Candy Shows Canadian Pride

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This summer has been a big one for Dare Candy. In fact, it’s been absolutely amazing as their Candy truck trolled around Toronto celebrating their sweet treats. It got us thinking about all the reasons we love Dare Candy.  

Aside from the Dare Candy truck roaming all over Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary this summer. Dare has shown their Canadian pride in a variety of ways.

1. Soccer Pride


Dare is the official sponsor of the Toronto FC Major League Soccer (MLS)


2. Gay Pride

dare candy at the end of the day we're all the same

I love this logo by Dare Candy representing Gay Pride with it’s announcement.

At the end of the day, we’re all the same and share the same love.


3. School Pride


Dare celebrates back to school with pride and their Real Fruit Gummies which my son absolutely loves. They are made with real fruit and totally delicious. Great for snacking when studying! 


4. Basketball Pride


Dare is one of the official sponsors for the Toronto Raptors which is amazing. Bring on the jump shots and jube-jube’s.


5. Summer Pride


Celebrating Canadian summer in style, Dare Candy lounges beach side taking in the sun, the surf, the waves and the great taste of their fantastic treats


6. Ghostbusting Pride


Dare Candy knows us Canadians are in for a good spook or mystery. They’re so pumped for the new Ghostbusters movie starring Melissa McCarthy with cameo by Canadian actor and former Ghoster Dan Aykryod.


7. Slang Pride 


Here Dare Candy pays tribute to Canadian slang as one of our very own moose represents by giving a Canadian hello EH? We all have moose in our backyard don’t you know.


8. Health Pride

gelatin free and vegan free real fruit superfruits

Dare Candy knows how important health is to us Canadians. That’s why we love Dare Real Fruit Gummies which are made with actual real fruit and totally vegan free. 


9. Travel Pride


We love that the Dare Candy truck took to the streets of our popular Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary to interact with Dare lovers everywhere, giving them a little sweet taste to kick off the summer!


10. Fishing Pride


Did you know that fish and seafood is one of the largest food sectors exported by Canada? We’re not sure if Jubes are on the menu in any restaurant but heck they should be!


11. Gummy Fact Pride


Vacouverites are so charitable with their Dare Candy to share with someone they love. Who are you gonna share your Dare Candy with before summer is over?


12. Calgary Pride


We always knew those Calgarians were special with over 1/2 sharing their Dare Candy this summer with family. Awwww how sweet! 


13. Mental Health Pride

11986336_806823802763834_3460894033805722515_nWe love how Dare finds it important for Canadians to have strong mental health by keeping calm to candy on. We agree that’s a great start to a healthier mental way of life.


14. Mom Pride


It is so great knowing Dare Candy supports us moms out there working hard for our families and recognizes the important roles we share in today’s Canadian family.

15. Hockey Pride

12065595_822274394552108_1956180001877303026_nDare is proud to be the official candy supplier for the Toronto Maple Leaf’s supporting the best game played on earth! 


Twitter Love

Dare twitter

Dare is proud to announce their official launch of their brand new Twitter profile @darecandyca so show some of your Canadian love for Dare by giving them a follow. We absolutely love their banner and think it’s one of the best we’ve ever seen. 

Our Canadian Love for Dare Candy

2016-07-12 15.12.18

All photos courtesy of Dare & Rants n’ Rascals

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