12 Gadgets and Apps to Help You Organize Your Life

When it comes to organizing we often think of our homes, wallets, even our cars. But when it comes to our actual life, we tend to forget to organize. Things like birthdays, doctor appointments, coffee with friends, even deadlines we might have.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten these things. On top of school meetings, sporting events, even performances my son had. Finding a way to organize your life doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right tools to get you started.

There are many tools you can use to organize your life. Some people keep a daytimer or bullet journal. Others use a calendar they can erase and use again. But living in a digital age and being busy and on the go, the best way to organize your life is to use gadgets and apps to help make organizing easier.

Invest in a good smartphone

You don’t have to be on your phone 24-hours a day. You can set time limits for use. However, investing in a good quality smartphone can go a long way to helping you keep your life organized.

Smartphones have apps which can help keep things in order. You can set reminders. Set up your monthly calendar. Even get where you need to go on time. Here’s a few more things you can do.

  • Do pay as you go if you can. Pay as you go will help keep your monthly phone bill down. You pay for what you use and most carriers offer worldwide calling and texting for less than $50 bucks a month.
  • Add data. It might be an extra expense, but having data keeps you organized when you want and how you want. Most pay as you go plans offer a data add-on for cheap. When you aren’t using your data, shut it off.
  • Only download the apps you are going to use. Save space on your phone by only downloading what you need. The Google Pixel 2XL is the phone I’m using and it has all the apps I want that is built into the system so I don’t have to download anything extra adding bloatware to my device.
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Get Yourself A Tracking Device

I lose everything. I can’t find my keys. Can’t find my phone. Missing my purse or wallet. That’s why I now use Tile. A handy little device that helps track your lost items through a global network.

  • Find your keys no matter where you are. Tile makes finding your keys quick and easy. Open the app, press the key finder button and if your keys are close enough, a sound will go off making finding your keys quick and easy.
  • GPS Finder Tile is great because it’s basically a GPS finder. Meaning if you lose your phone, keys, wallet or anything that has a tile, you can track it by seeing its last known whereabouts on a map.
  • Global Community. Tile has a global community. So if you’ve lost your wallet and can’t find it on the map, you can put out a search so anyone with a Tile near you can find the item based on where it was last seen and then alert others to keep their eyes peeled for your missing item.

Apps To Help You Organize Your Life

Apps can play a large role in helping you to organize your life. Finding the right app through the millions available can be a daunting task. Some apps are free. Some are paid. Before you download, make sure the app is one that will fit your needs.

  • Google Keep. The best app I’ve ever used for both mobile and computer. Google Keep allows you to keep all your thoughts in one place and in many different forms. Whether it’s downloading an image you wish to use later, to saving that recipe you found online to help make dinner. Google Keep allows you to create a folder of everything you need to remind, task and complete the things in your life that are important.
  • Wunderlist. Organize your shopping with this amazing list creator. Wunderlist has a task feature with due dates, reminders, alerts, and the ability to create categories.
  • Unroll.me. I cannot live without this app. There is nothing worse than a cluttered inbox. Sure, you can delete your junk with the press of a button. But what happens if something accidentally goes to your junk? Now you have to sift through endless subscriptions. Unroll.me allows you to unsubscribe from unwanted emails quickly and easy.
  • Google Assistant. If you have an Android phone don’t forget about Google Assistant. Squeeze your phone or say “Okay Google” and she can help with many different tasks.
  • Big Oven. Voted one of the best apps by moms everywhere. Big Oven provides over 350,000 recipes and meals. Upgrade to pro for $15 a year and it will auto generate your shipping list, drag and drop meals to your weekly calendar and more.

How do you stay organized in your life?

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  1. Ekta Kapoor March 6, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    Oh dear, you too, are a liver saver. These tips and apps you listed are wonderful, I need to de-clutter my phone and make the best use out if. I;m one person that downloads apps and may never use them in months to come. Like, what’s the need, right?? I keep postponing, hoping that one day I would have need for it, but such time never comes. Thanks so much


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