10 Family Game Night Ideas & Board Games

Finding things to do in the summer can be daunting. Going out can get costly when you want to gather somewhere or even visit for a barbecue to have some fun. There’s the cost of gas, travel, and cost of entertaining if you are having people over yourself. Plus, then there are the kids to worry about which is why we love having a family game night at least once a month. Here are 10 family game night ideas & board games to enjoy the summer fun!

build or boom game

#1. Build or Boom

Build or Boom by Goliath Games falls in line with games like Hungry Hippos, Jenga, and is fun for the whole family. Two players race the clock to see who can build the fastest. Once your build is finished you hit the boom and the other person’s build explodes. This game is great for kids and moms and dads to work with them. The blocks are colorful. Build or Boom is easy to play and helps to build stem skill, and I love how easy it is for kids to understand. You can even add in a timer to make things interesting. You can pick up build or boom from Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and various other retailers. Built for ages 4 and up.

#2. Spoons Card Game

This is a game for four players. You sit in a circle with one less spoon than there are players. (Think musical chairs) Each player starts with 4 cards. The goal is to get 4 of the same rank. As the deck is passed around the circle one card at a time, you have to find the desired card and then discreetly exchange it for the one you want to discard from something in your hand. When you have 4 of the same rank, you discreetly get a spoon from the middle. When others notice a spoon missing, they all must attempt to grab a spoon quickly as possible so they are not the one left without a spoon.

See Spoons in action. 

#3. Charades

One of my favorite and most classic family fun games to play. Charades can be played a number of different ways. You can play individually or in teams. You can use any categories you like. So if kids are involved, you can have categories such as kid songs, kid tv shows, foods kid love. The best part is the game can go on as long as you like.

See Charades in action

#4. Wordsearch

I love this game. Wordsearch is not only great game parents can play with kids (challenging for parents) but it helps kids build their word skills as you have to find each word on the board cards. The person with the most chips (words) left on the board is the winner. Extra fun is you can knock off someone’s chips and take their words. Word Search is from Goliath Games and you can pick it up at Walmart and various other retailers. This is by far one of my favorite game night games on this list.

See Wordsearch in action. 

#5. Uno, Skipbo Card Game

We played when I was a kid, and kids are still playing today. Uno is a game that is super easy with color-coded cards to follow. You can pick up a deck of Uno or Skip-Bo cards at your local dollar store. Don’t spend $7 bucks at somewhere like Walmart. I got themed Uno card decks at Dollarama and my son and his friends love playing!

See Uno in action

#6. Tick Tock Boom

This game is tons of fun to play with the kids. Tick Tock Boom is a fast-paced word game. One player draws a card and calls out a word that contains letters before passing the bomb. You have to be quick because if you are caught with the bomb when it stops ticking, you lose the round. The winner is the one with the least amount of cards.

See Tick Tock Boom in action. 

#7. Monopoly Classic

No family game night would be complete without classic Monopoly. A timeless game of spending and earning money, building hotels and trying to make your opponent go bankrupt. We played many nights where a game could continue for hours for you to come back to. There are many versions to choose from, so you will never be bored. Though the classic version is still my favorite.

See Monopoly in action

# 8. Clue The Mystery Game

Another timeless classic, Clue is about murder and mystery and can you figure out whodunnit? Was it Colonel Mustard in Library with the pipe? Clue is a guessing game fun for the entire family that takes longer than an hour to play and figure out who the murderer is. My boys love playing this game.

See Clue in action

#9. Apples to Apples

I was totally surprised by how fun this game is. Talk about hilarious party time fun. Apples to Apples can be purchased on Amazon, at Walmart and various other retailers. Apples to Apples comes with 1,000 cards but you can buy expansion packs. Each round is filled with outrageous comparisons. Red apple card is a noun or phrase. Green Apple card is an adjective. A great way for kids to improve their reading writing ability.

See Apple to Apple in action

#10. Twister

Twister rounds out our top picks for family board games. Twister is a fun and interactive game for parents and kids. You spin the wheel and whatever color and body part it lands on is the part you have to match up on the board. Right-hand red. Left foot green. Sounds simple right? The fun begins as you get all twisted up and try not to cause a fall.

See Twister in action.

From scavenger hunts to balloon toss. Get creative for a family game night. Search online for some fun summer activities to get the kids in on. No matter what, spending quality time together is more important than what you decide to play.

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